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Corbin CBR650F seat


650F Alumnus
Woodbury, MN
Nice! I was wondering if they’d ever get to doing them......

I’ve never been a huge Corbin fan, though I’ve only had a couple over the years, because I always felt they were overpriced and WAY overly firm in the foam area which they always stated “took 1500-2000 miles to break in so be patient”. I usually bought them second hand from others feeling the same way and every time they were just not right.

Which btw that 2k miles was well out if their “comfort guarantee” time frame. Go figure!!! And to me, they just never went past the too firm stage and I could never deal with them ALWAYS lowering seat heights no matter what they said and at 6’3” I don’t need that. For those a bit shorter, that’s a good thing.

Sargent and Zero Gravity make great sportbike seats that are comfortable right out if the gate and are cheaper and look better to boot. Thing is they have a limited selection, so if they don’t have something for your exact bike, you’re forced to send your seat in which puts you without a seat and withoutbsomethung to fall back on after.

However, something at Corbin has changed for the better in the fairly recent years, at least on some models.. One if the guys on the Sprint forum got one and I was ready to dismiss it as usual until I saw it and talked with him about it where we went over his and my impressions of Corbin’s in the past which were very similar experiences. They are still using the harder foam at the base but are using a padded seat cover and some softer stuff on the top I’m thier more “touring” models which is making a very nice feeling seat that’s firm and supportive, yet comfortable. A whole new philosophy it seems because the seats are SO much better now.

You can see in the above picture it has an almost “pillowed cover” which looks and feels great, the sport models have a smooth, firm, horse saddle type look to them.

I was so impressed I ordered one for myself for the Sprint GT and overall am VERY impressed with it, though in ordering I added a half inch of extra foam which somehow changed the shape of the passenger area and the jury is still out if it’s better or not for her. For me it’s great and really transformed the comfort of the GT to an even higher standard. And price wise I think was around $450 or so which isn’t awful for what you get, full leather, complete seat.

The only real downside I had was it took as long as they projected it would, 4-6 weeks and it took all of the 6 weeks for mine. So why is that a downside for a “custom built” seat? The guy on the forum I was talking with ordered his on a Monday and had it the following Friday, under two weeks. I ordered mine just about 4 weeks out from a trip, kinda expecting the same turn around (which the person taking the order said it should be) but because mine was “custom” it was sent to the “custom” shop for construction and was the long turn around.

So even though they say “every seat is custom made” it’s not really the case. There are “standard” builds that are somewhat premade and then the “true” customs. Just know that going in.
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