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All 650Rs CB650r PCV Nightmare


Dec 4, 2021
Riding Since
Ive been in contact with Dynojet with months now and still no solution. I have a 2019 CB650r and purchased a PCV and quick shifter from dynojet. Ive gotten the quick shifter to work but cannot calibrate speed and gear within the PCV to utilize gear dependent kill times. After months of trial and error I figured out the problem but am now stuck. The problem is the speed calibration. When I calibrate speed according to dynojets instructions and hold at a certain speed, the speed calibrates and reads true on the computer. The problem originates when I shift to any gear besides the one that speed was calibrated in. For example, if calibrated in first gear the speed will only read true in first gear and be severely off in any other gear. If I recalibrate in 3rd then that is now the only gear speed will read true in. Dynojet has no thoughts on why this may be and I am now stuck. What could cause the speed to only be true in the gear it was calibrated in?


May 21, 2016
Ventura, CA
the VSS is a magnetic sensor which is an AC reluctor. The ECM will correlate that AC frequency to the gear so it knows the conversion. You would need to learn all gears to the signal for it to be accurate across all gear ratios. A stock ECM already has that software. No idea how Dynojet does the conversion in their box.


May 30, 2014
Hampshire, England
Training the pcv was the same as any other gear indicator.

You have to teach it every gear ratio as it needs to work out revs/speed to figure out a gear. At least on the 650f.

Did you fit the speed sensor wire to the loom correctly? You need to locate and tap into the pink wire that has green stripes.

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