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CB650R Cb650r ABS (South Georgia)


Feb 17, 2020
Ordered my 2020 Cb650r from a local dealer last week and picked it up Saturday. Coming from a cruiser, I love this bike. Easy adjustment to rear controls and the powerband difference. I have the Yoshimura tail tidy kit in the mail and I plan on doing an install video and updating you all with results. I'll be ordering the Akrapovic exhaust soon so I'd love to hear some feedback on people's experiences with it. Frame sliders also are on the immediate list. Weather in South Georgia is mucked out this time of the year, lots of rain and conveniently enough I live in the middle of a massive road reconstruction contract which litters the road with loose gravel 24/7. Has anybody had their tank coated or taken any paint protection steps? Anybody in this forum local to the Jacksonville Florida area or Brunswick/St. Simons island?



650F Alumnus
Feb 13, 2015
Woodbury, MN
First and foremost: hello, greetings and welcome!!!!!

All of the answers to your questions are located in the forum and hopefully in an order pretty easy to search for, so feel free to do that a bit, you’ll be surprised how much info our members have :) Just know going in that the 650F and 650R share like 90% of their parts (R owners hate to hear that, sorry!!!) and the CB and CBR are also identical save for a few small parts and bodywork.

I’ll take a deep breath and try to quickly answer a few of the questions: the Akra is a great pipe, you won’t go wrong with it, search on the forum for frame slider info (on most bikes I’m in favor, on this bike they can mount in a fragile spot that takes a simple tip over into a broken engine case so be sure to buy good ones that have multiple mounting points or just get engine covers), lots of people on the Ducati forum get their bikes ceramic coated, it’s not expensive and supposedly works great, I use wax on mine, and I think we have a few Florida/Georgia members around here as well ( Devilsfan @Devilsfan comes to mind).

Hope that helps!!!!


Jun 5, 2019
Tampa, Florida
Welcome to the forum, Satilla! Congrats on your new bike.

As Mike said above, take some time and search the forum. There's a ton of info already discussed in length. If there's something more you need to know chime in and someone will get you the answer you're looking for.

I'm in the Tampa area so I don't get up your way much. But, I do plan to hit up Daytona Bike Week, probably on the Monday they have it. More than happy to meet up at least to put a face to a screen name!
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