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CBR650R Base model quickshifter


Jun 21, 2018
Hello everyone, I’ve searched every thread with “quickshifter” and I haven’t found anyone installing a quickshifter, oem or otherwise, that had actually worked with the base model cbr650r. Did anyone get this thing to work? Any posts that had people install it on base models without ABS claimed it didn’t work, and never got back if they wound up getting it to work.
Jun 28, 2020
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Good morning!

I've gine back through my notes, and everyone I've sold a kit to has been on an ABS model. That said, the Honda Powersports site lists the QS as an accessory for the 2019 CB650R and CBR650R. It *should* work.

If you buy from me and it doesn't work, I'll refund your money. Period. US$170, out the door, or back in your pocket.


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