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All 650Rs 2020 CB650R No Start


May 15, 2021
Hi All, I've bought a salvage Cb650r which had a major oil leak due to cracked alternator cover.

Last week I drained the oil and found that there was about a litre of water in the Sump, I flushed the engine with diesel and let it all drip out over night. Removed oil filter and clean oil came out, so engine was not started after water entered, otherwise it would have circulated the water. Replaced the alternator cover, put in fresh cheapish oil as was planning to run it for a bit and flush again.

Try to start the bike lights flicker and sounds like battery flat. So have charged battery, try to start up the bike, it cranks and sounds like it's about to start but doesn't. Decided to check that I didn't bend any fuel lines while changing alternator cover and forgot to clip in green fuel clip, try start engine and from the pressure, the hose shoots out with liquid going everywhere. Thought it's fuel but turns out there's water in the tank, to be more precise there was about 2 liters of water and 7 liters petrol.

I have removed the spark plugs and they were igniting very weak and had water on them. Have ordered some replacement, but while I wait for them to arrive, what else should I do? I was thinking of cleaning out the injectors and throttle body? Does that sound like a good idea or are they very sensitive parts? Also when I try read stored Mil codes it flashes 9 slow and 5 fast, is that error with Tp sensor, or the ignition coil? I don't quite understand how the flashes are interpreted.

Any advice will be appreciated.
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