1. godofdread

    CB650R New Member

    Hello, new friends! My name is Victor. I ride a 2021 CB650R ABS. I'm located in Indiana, USA. This is my first time doing any sort of forum so I'm not sure how to go about introducing myself. 😅 I was hoping this would be a good place to find aftermarket things and mods from people that know...
  2. madeleinein

    CBR650F Bought my first Honda today! What a beauty.

    I traded my MT07 for this CBR650F because I felt like trying something different. One previous owner, 6500 kilometres and it looks like new! I’ve just been on my first ride on it and so far I’m very pleased. It’s especially thrilling in curves, compared to the MT07. Any suggestions on mods...
  3. Y

    CB650R Just got one.

    Hi guys, I'm Nuno, from Portugal. Previous owner (proud owner) of a Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog, had an accident last August and my Bully got trashed. Broken knee and ankle and a lot of bruises. Finnaly healed up, could get another Bully but my knee (and my fisiatritian ) disagree. So I got a 2019...
  4. D

    CB650R Almost new CB650R

    Hi everybody. Just picked up a 2019 CB650R with less than 700 miles on it and I've really been enjoying the bike so far. I come from a pretty diverse history of bikes both owned and ridden, but this is my first naked bike I've owned as well as my first Honda. I commute year round rain or shine...
  5. Dloy90

    CBR650R Bike Noob

    Hi Folks. I bought myself a 2020 CBR650R, it got delivered the other day but can't ride it yet as I've still not passed my test which is testing my patience to the limits! ... so, i cant go and find this out for myself. Is this a quick shifter or the standard shifter you get from Honda...
  6. Remlap

    All 650Fs New Member 2018 CB650F

    Mostly retired, and the Honda takes me to a small gig for extra change. Recently installed full R77 Yoshimura and PCFC. Runs a little rich, dialed back the low RPM pod three clicks. Still a little rich but a nice improvement over stock. Nice ride!
  7. B

    CBR650R new member today

    Hi everyone just a quick hello , just purchased a 2022 CBR650R delivery is Thursday 28th April so looking forward . ive a ton of questions , I've already purchased and sitting in garage Evotech tail tidy Evotech duel mound crash protectors GB casings x2 R&G shock sock packages to be...
  8. Mark79

    CB650R Hello

    Hi Brand new UK rider here. Mod 2 passed 2 weeks ago! Here’s my first proper bike with a few modifications already! 😀
  9. Ian Warren

    CBR650R Hello

    July 2021 CBR650R picked up from Near Hull yesterday from a lovely couple who have changed their minds on getting road bikes again and gone for Off Road Honda bikes instead. So bought it for a great price with just 224 miles on it. Have finished the running in up to 300 miles on the trip home...
  10. Karbyn_Blak

    CBR650F G'day from Oz

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd intro myself. I live in Canberra, Australia and have been riding on and off since I was 6 years old (41+ yrs). I have just recently picked up a 2018 CBR650F which I absolutely love!
  11. RWLJ

    CB650R New Dutch member ;)

    Hi all! Robert from the Netherlands here! Got my license last autumn and this CB650R 2021 is my first bike :) Already did some changes such as the mirrors, heated grips, quickshifter, wind shield, side panels and the number plate holder. The things I’m still going to do are the backseat...
  12. M

    CBR650R noob with a new bike

    Hey i'm a new rider with a New 2021 Honda CBR650R. I've jumped in the saddle for a quick spin around the block here and there on friends bikes over the years but never owned one until now. Starting out new at 49 y/o. I've had her for about 2 weeks and only placed about 200 miles on the odometer.
  13. Brian C.

    CBR650R Hello Folks! Great Forum.

    Hi all, just introducing myself, from the UK, 45 and passed my tests in October after wanting to do it for years, but never having the Time/Money/Confidence. Please see the photos of my 2021 CBR650 R. Bog standard mechanically, just had its run in service and I am going to put some miles on it...
  14. P

    CBR650F Returning rider in Scotland

    After 7 years off the bikes, I've bought a 2015 cbr650f as a weekend warrior and I love it! Previously had a zx6r as a daily commuter but gave in to the 4 wheeled life for too long. Bought her a couple of weeks ago yesterday was the first day the Scottish weather allowed me to ride, so of course...
  15. C

    All 650Fs Hi from Devon UK.

    Hello everyone, I've just bought a 16 plate cb650f so thought I'd join here to hopefully pick up some tips and info, I was actually searching for a screen for the bike, can't seem to find one with the exact look I'd like, some Ads don't give enough pics or indeed info .. I've been looking at...
  16. S

    CB650R Aussie CB650R.

    Hi all. Had my CB650R for a couple of months now and enjoying the ride so far. I'm a bit sad about the Lams (restricted) power on the Aussie delivered models. I'll probably sort that out when I read more up on an ECU reflash, CPV or Power vision3. I all ready have the intake air funnels on...
  17. P

    CBR650F Yimminie Noob over here!

    Howdy Ridaz? Par728 from the tdot. Just started riding last year and first bike was a street750 and now the cbr650f. You just gotta love the torque-ness of the street750 but overall the 650f takes the icing on the cake! Its just hands down the best ridability between the two. The sound? Oh so...
  18. CineriderX

    All 650Fs Hello People

    Hey Guys im Rishabh from Delhi, India. I own a CBR650F 2018. I was finding a suitable exhaust online when I landed up here, really good to know we have an international community here all about our Honda. Looking forward to know as much people as possible from around the world Thank you! We...
  19. Anxious_rider

    All 650Rs Hey all

    Greetings fellow addicts, Stumbled on this forum while researching the cb650r, was intrigued by the disappearance of Duncan and decided to join. Hope they’re alright. Anyhow, started on a grom and now ride the 650 also. Well, not currently -,- (Winter sucks here) Not the most talkative, but...
  20. Randoman5

    CB650R New Member in the Bay Area 2021 CB650R

    Hi everyone, I'm extremely excited to be here. I picked up my 2021 CB650R yesterday in Los Angeles. As far as I can tell it was the only one for sale in the entire State of California. My first bike was a 1995 CBR600 F3 I bought used with LSL handlebar risers. It's never let me down and I...
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