1. BayArea_Wanderer

    CB650R New Member Intro - San Francisco, California US

    Hey All, Currently have a deposit on a 2021 CB650R to be delivered no later than the end of the month. So excited for this purchase as it is my first brand new 0 mile bike purchase. Have been scoping the forums and this one stood out. Some cliff notes regarding my background so you all can...
  2. Jaeger

    CB650R New member from Oakville, Ontario, Canada

    Greetings all, New rider, first bike. It was tough trying to get licensed through all the various Covid lockdowns / course cancellations / massive backlog - but here I am. I was torn between this and the Triumph Trident, but availability pretty much decided the issue for me. I've only got...
  3. J

    CB650R New cb650r owner (first bike) in London

    Hi guys, So I take delivery on my new cb650r in 2 weeks but before it gets here I’m trying to figure out how to prevent my new pride and joy from being nicked. Unfortunately it’s mostly going to live on my driveway in London which I know isn’t ideal but that’s just the situation… Does anyone...
  4. oni

    CB650R New member from Italy

    Hello to all, i bought my first bike in June, a brand new CB650R, made around 2k km since and really enjoyed it, I made some little change like tail tidy and black wrap on the intake side panel
  5. Jensen194

    CB650R New cb650r rider from The Netherlands 🇳🇱

    Hello all, My name is Jens, and I am a 26 year old from The Netherlands. On July the 21st of 2020, I bought my first bike. A new candy red cb650r ‘20. After owning the bike for 1 year now and have driven it for just over 5000 kilometres, I am still very happy with this bike. I have recently...
  6. Procrastomorrow

    CB650R New member, new bike!

    Hey, Just picked up my 2021 CB650R on Friday and have put over 800kms on her already! Absolutely love the ride of the bike. Time to start scrolling through this forum for tips and tricks. Look forward to being part of this forum.
  7. jjr0204

    All 650Fs Hello to all.

    Hello from the wet state of Florida. I recently purchased a 2018 CBR650F. Loving the bike. It had zero miles on it when I took it for the test ride. I also ride a 2016 Honda Fury. Pretty much a Honda fanboy when it comes to my motorcycles.
  8. Ahn

    CBR650R Hi everyone new member here

    Hi everyone i am so exciting, after almost 4 months waiting i received CBR650R. After receive CBR650R i had installed exhaust and convenience parts. Now i have to get approve for new exhasut from Transportation Authority and maybe waiting little more time fot that but i am still happy. I...
  9. Chouzoo

    CB650R Greetings from Germany

    Hello, my name ist Andy from germany - ProTech Tail Tidy - ABM Brake / Clutch lever syntoEvo - GSG front slider - TopBlock engine protector - Honda Quickshifter - Barracuda numberplates - LSL footpegs - Honda windscreen - Honda OEM alu parts & Seat cover - Akra sticker :-) Wish list - ABM...
  10. freeflyingduck

    CB650R New forum member, CB650R

    Hi all, I've been a lurking member for some time, picking up little nuggets from you all. So many thanks for posting the answers to all those unasked questions, and no doubt those I haven't thought of yet ;-) 3 or 4 weeks ago I picked up a new CB650R and I'm loving every minute of it. The...
  11. mikewchandler

    CB650R Bought 2020 CB650R > SOLD > Missed it so bad > Bought 2021 CB650R > DON'T LAUGH :)

    So, I sold my 2020 CB650R 6+ months ago after my Mom passed and my son turned 16 (bought him a car). Missed the freedom of riding and realized how good it was/is for my mental health. Started looking for the "perfect" bike since I wasn't really limited and had already tried out the 650. After...
  12. A

    CB650R Ampthill Beds UK Blue Denim CB650R

    This is my nearly new 2019 bike with only 240 miles on the clock. I was tempted with the Trident, but couldn’t resist this bike with £1500 off RRP. this is my first big bike so to speak and I’m taking it slowly as I haven’t ridden for 17 years. Now the kids are older I’ve decided to treat...
  13. akadeo

    CB650F New Member from Australia

    Hello everyone, I just recently joined and almost a year of riding. My 1st bike was a cbr250r (sold) and now riding 2017 cb650f. I am really excited to learn new knowledge in this club.
  14. D

    CB650R New member from Ontario

    Meet Ashley, my smoky gray CB650R. Started with the following mods, - Evotech Tail Tidy - Evotech rad guard - Evotech engine protector - Evotech front slider - Honda windscreen - Honda tank protector - Clear front reflector - Passenger foot peg delete - Honda tail bag Wish list right now is...
  15. RazorCBR2020

    CBR650R New Member from VA

    Hey Everyone! I picked up a brand new 2020 CBR650R back in May and got bit by the modding bug shortly thereafter 🙂 Current Mods Black & white decals removed Passenger foot pegs removed Puig dark smoke windscreen Honda 12V accessory socket Honda Rear Seat Cowl Evotech Performance Frame Sliders...
  16. S

    CB650R New Guy Berwick PA

    Here's my story. After a year on a Sporster, I upgraded to a Honda ST1300. Great bike. My wife started riding with me. I bought a Victory Vision. Best bike I have owned to date, with the exception of the V-Twin. If I could have only put the Honda engine in that one... My wife and I shared...
  17. R

    Is the CBR650R the bike for me?

    I'm after some help please. I've had my Suzuki GSXR 1000 for almost 6 years and now it's time to change to something less powerful and more comfortable, so I can ride 100 - 200 miles and still move lol. I love the look of the CBR650R but as I haven't had the chance to ride one, I'm wondering...
  18. Cbchriss77

    CB650F Cb650f

    Bonjour à tous je me présente Christophe je viens de Seine et Marne , sa fait une dizaine d'année que je fais de la moto et scooter et il y a quelques moi cause le confinement je me suis décidé au passé au choisi sérieux 🤓 du coup a ce jour il me reste la circu que je passe la semaine prochaine...
  19. B

    CBR650R New CBR650R

    BC_Rob here in Vancouver BC. About to collect a new 2020 CBR650R. So looking forward to it!
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