1. MasterSlimes

    What happens puncture a tire while riding ?

    I was wondering if anyone had a tire puncture/blow out and at what speed ? What happens...does the tire retain shape, or do you get knocked over the handlebars ? Any one experience this yet ?
  2. MasterSlimes

    CB650R Stock Dunlop tires causing jumpiness in turns ?

    Hi Everyone, Loving my 2021 CB650R. I am a new rider...and I put 500 km on the bike so far. I'm a bit unsure of how far i can lean the bike in a turn, but not afraid to lean it. I notice when I go into a medium to steep lean, the back tire kinda skips a bit. It doesnt feel very firm on dry...
  3. kraken9911

    All 650's Cb650R Official Honda supplied tire change?

    There's a Cb650R that was posted somewhere else and I'm trying to uncover possibly a fraudulent ad. I know for certain 2019-2020 models came with Metzeler Roadtec tire that have a distinctive tread pattern and then in 2021 Honda switched to Dunlop Sportmax (which personally I think are worse)...
  4. miweber929

    All 650's 2021 Tyre recommendations

    Yup, been discussed a bunch. If your sport tour is more tour than sport or includes wet, Pilot Road 5s. If your sport tour is more sport than tour, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III If you sport and don’t care about mileage much, Dunlop Q4s, Bridgestone’s latest is alway solid, Pilot Powers are good...
  5. Dankotaru

    All 650's MAX2H EVO2 Tire Changer Review

    One of the things I both love and hate about motorcycles is changing tires. I've spent more than two decades tracking and racing cars, and as a guy who likes wrenching and doing as much as I can on my own in my garage, I always wanted to mount and balance my own car tires. But the equipment is...
  6. Cbat

    Stock Dunlop front tire 'warpage'

    Safety concern so didn't want to bury in an existing thread. Changing out tires for Michelin Road 5s tomorrow and noticed these pattern of 'bumps' on my front stock Dunlop tire, both sides and symmetrical. Tire is not past it's 'useful life', have never tracked, etc. ~11k km on tires. Not...
  7. PAPERINIK58666

    Better tires for CBR

    Hello, which tires do you find best for vs CBR? For now I have those from the Dunlop Sportsmart TT series and I'm happy with them.
  8. Sonx

    Front Tire Wearing Out Faster Than Rear?

    When I bought my bike in 2017 I put on a new front tire and kept the rear since the rear was like-new (the previous owner put one on shortly before selling it). I put on 7000 miles (11,000km) since then and I definitely need a new front tire but my back tire still looks ok. I know the rear...
  9. S

    All 650's Advice tires

    Hi guys, I have a cb650f 2017 that was bought new by the 1st owner straight from HONDA dealership. The bike was bought new January 2018, It has the factory Dunlops D222's on it and it has right now 4500 Km. The tyres seem to have plenty of life on them still but my question is that do i have to...
  10. bazz11

    CBR650F Another tyre question

    Hi all, im a bit of a newbie and theres a massive aray of tyres around so my question is - i mainly ride for fun so 99% dry and need to know are pirelli rosso lll still the 1s to go for? Also is it wise to change both at same time? Thanks
  11. A

    All 650's Expected tyre life

    Front tyre of my 2019 CB650F (Dunlop Sportmax) developed very small bulges on the contact surface. Took it to the dealer's service (not the dealer where I bought the bike cause they are not a Honda dealer anymore) They accept that there are bulges but they say tyre is at end of its life anyway...
  12. R


    I have a 2016 CB650F came with Dunlop d222 but they don't make them anymore, looking to order a need rear tyre tomorrow, What does everyone recommend? most riding styles are 200 mile trip journeys or quick fast blasts in the corners. Ive done 2800 miles and the back tyre is well worn and...
  13. C

    All 650's Fat tyres

    Has anyone put a wider tyre on the back? Something like 200/55/17? I know it will slightly affect the gearing but it's got enough power for me, it might get the speedo to read a bit closer to actual speed.
  14. BT67

    CB650R Puncture 😬

    Hi all Bit of advice if you can help please? Just found this screw lodged in my back tyre! Was hoping it was just a stubby job but unfortunately it's about an inch long. Tried removing it but began to hear air escaping, so screwed it back in. Questions, if it holds overnight do you reckon I'd be...
  15. Gmzzle

    All 650's When to replace stock tires?

    Hello everyone. First of all, community here is great. My first motorcycle and I’ve learned a ton from everyone here. Seeing as this is my first bike, I’m wondering what you guys think of this tire wear? I have 5200 miles on the Roadtec with a fair bit of of highway use. I’m not sure what...
  16. A

    CBR650F Tire Choice

    Hi All, I currently am using Diablo Rosso II as I track my bike about twice a month but also use it for long haul weekend rides and commuting. I find the Rosso's are wearing fast and I'm already replacing them after just putting them on in June. What tires are you using and have you found any...
  17. Jerry

    CBR650F You reckon this will be fixable?

    It's a fairly small nail inside the tread. Not sure if it actually fully punctured the tyre. It's only 6000km old so I was hoping to get some more distance out of it.
  18. StuBullimore92

    CB650R Standard Metzler tyres

    Hi all, what’s people’s opinions of the standard metzler roadtecs that come fitted on the Cb650r? I am wondering if people find the profile a little square In comparison to something more sporty just after some opinions and experience in changing them?
  19. J

    CB650R New tyres

    After flattening off my Metzeler rear tyre and also the quite severe cupping of my front tyre I’ve decided to go back to the old faithful Pirelli angel gt2 front and rear as these were amazing on my old bike and lasted 8000 miles with hardly any flattening.
  20. Smoky Mountain Rider

    All 650's Nail in tire what to do?

    Need advice. Plug, or replace? It’s not leaking
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