1. W

    Cb650r luggage rack 2023

    Hi, I have a September 2023 cb650r, thinking of fitting a luggage rack, top box, possibly panniers, I have fitted a tail tidy, Luggage racks for this model very hard to find so dont no if you can obtain them, if anybody has found and fitted one would it fit with a tail tidy. Regards bill
  2. P

    All 650Rs After market tail light not super bright

    Hi all, I just fitted one of them aftermarket tail lights, simply because I liked it being a single strip of LEDs rather than the stock looking like a christmas tree, I didn't really care about it being smoked but the other red or clear had a weird pattern for the stop light. Long story short...
  3. DarkHorseGirl

    Tail Tidy

    Hi, I've got a Cbr650r 2021 and I'm wondering what's the best tail tidy to buy. Nothing too expensive. Thank you!
  4. Reyanth

    CB650R Custom double/round tail lights.

    So got this double rounded tail light project going on... Already on version two atm and figuring out the 3rd version. Ver. 1: Was really just an idea put into practice. Bought couple round lights and designed a casing for them. 3D printed the part from PLA. After one season of use, the part...
  5. K

    CBR650R Integrated tail light

    If anyone’s interested, I ordered the Integrated taillight from Tucked-Up Systems a couple months ago, and it came in last week. Paired with the Yoshimura fender eliminator + getting rid of the OEM indicators looks really nice on the ‘23 CBR650R. Install was super easy as well because they...
  6. viotek

    2023 Yoshimura CB650R / CBR650R Tail Tidy

    Just got the new 2023 Yoshimura tail tidy today. Long story short, it's fantastic. A few minor issues I'll mention. - Getting the whole assembly lined up and bolted together, is a bit of a pain, but nothing terrible. - I'd suggest they supply larger washers for the back of the turn signals...
  7. Z

    Tail Tidy return to original - 2018 CB650F

    Hello, I'm a new member on this forum and just purchased a 2018 CB650F yesterday. The first owner installed a tail tidy and the second owner does not have the OEM original parts. I would like to restore this back to original configuration as this arrangement does not even have turn signals. Does...
  8. U

    Luggage CBR650r 2021 tail bag recommendation

    I have a CBR650R of 2021. Has anyone found a tail bag which can easily fit onto the rear seat without catching and damaging the paintwork please? Links and or pictures would be appreciated.
  9. P

    All 650Rs CB650R Evo Tech Tail Tidy- Plate Issue

    Hello, Seeking expert opinion here, I have installed EVoTech tail tidy on CB650R 2021. Everything fit like gloves and smooth. However, when it comes to mount Ontario/Canada License Plate; I am having issues. Even after using the adapters I can't align the holes to mount the plate properly...
  10. M.i.ll

    CB650R Confused with tail light wiring cb650r

    So I'm trying to install a secondary brake light on my CB650R. i know i have to cath the brake and the ground wires on the original harness cables. Just want to understand which color means what since they don't match everywhere in the harness. I have. Yellow. Brown and Tan, almost pink wires...
  11. Beanzy47

    CBR650F Blaster-X Integrated tail light acting up

    Hello!, So I purchased a 2015 CBR650F about 3 weeks ago that came with a Blaster X integrated tail light and a Tail tidy with integrated blinkers. I was informed when purchasing the bike that the taillight would rarely not illuminate the brake lights and restarting the bike would fix it. About a...
  12. Wykes24

    Tail Section

    Hey guys, new to this forum. Has anyone had any luck in finding a sportier looking tail section for a 2020 CBR650R? Any recommendations would help! Thanks!
  13. bebopYoda

    All 650Rs CBR650R Tail light & pillion seat cover

    Hey all Would anyone know where I could get this pillion seat cover & Tail light in this video. Best looking cbr650r IMO. Noticed this guy doesn't reply to any of the comments so wondering if any experts here would know where I could get my hands on one. Thanks in advance!
  14. huw

    tail tidy

    Just installed Mustard bikes tail tidy, easy installation and good quality product
  15. R

    All 650Fs New tail bag

    Recently purchased the Held Tanda SR tail bag. I was considering a seat cowl but I need a little storage for my commute to work. This worked out as a bit of a compromise. It's a decent size when expanded and will carry most things I'll need for a day and looks pretty smart.
  16. A

    All 650Rs Evotech tail tidy installed

    I’ve finally replaced what IMO is a monstrosity of a backside with an Evotech tail tidy (I also added an Evotech Rad guard too) The only real issue I had was that I was unable to remove 2 of the under seat mounting bolts. This was due to me having a very cheap Allen key set, in particular the...
  17. A

    All 650Rs Pointy tail for CBR650R

    I found this guy on FB which makes a more pointy tail for the CBR. Anyone know if there is something similar available in Europe?
  18. B

    Finally got my rear cowl. Just need to install my tail tidy

  19. J

    Luggage CB650R 2021 Full face Helmet Tail Luggage?

    Hi guys, I've been looking around for a week now and I can't seem to find any information about this. Is there any Luggage that goes on the tail of the bike that will fit a Full Face Helmet? Thanks in advance.
  20. Suspect159

    All 650Rs Integrated tail light

    I’m asking if anyone has bought the integrated tail light off Amazon or eBay for the CBR650R 2020 model? If so was replacing the relay necessary since it’s already equipped with the led lights??
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