1. E

    CB650R Quickshifter gear lever adjustment issue

    Hi, I recently bought a new unrestricted 2021 CB650R with an OEM quickshifter (upshift). I noticed that I have a lot of false neutral shifts when trying to upshift, and also sometimes the quickshifter won't work correctly. My guess is that the gear lever is adjusted too high, and I want to...
  2. Stevenlee

    All 650Fs I cannot equip the quickshifter for my model

    hello i have a problem about my bike cbr650f My motorcycle cannot operate when equipped with a rapid movement Can you help me
  3. Sudesh

    All 650Rs Quickshifter Actuation?

    Hey, does anyone know whether or not the OEM or ShiftingContRoll quickshifters are push or pull mechanism. I ride in GP shift pattern and was actually curious whether or not a QS works for me or if l'll have to go back to stock pattern to enjoy the luxury of open throttle shifting.
  4. J

    CBR 650f quickshifter

    Hi, I'm having issues with connecting my quickshifter to the ignition coils for my 2016 CBR 650f. I'm plugging it into the common wires which I believe are the green and white wires but I'm getting no light on my sensor when I turn the ignition on. Also the bike won't start up while it's...
  5. LB2020

    All 650Rs 2019 CB650R Accessories on 2020 model

    So Honda does not list any OEM Accessories for the 2020 model of the CB650R ABS only for 2019. Everything I've seen states that the two models are basically identical. I am specifically looking to order the Quick shifter and the passenger seat cover. Just wondering if anyone has installed...
  6. BT67

    CB650R Finally!!!

    Well, I had the 2nd service done on my bike yesterday and finally got the quickshifter installed. Had a good hour or so run back from the dealer and gotta say I love it. Not something I'd use all the time, but a nice thing to have! I know there are mixed views on here regarding the quickshifter...
  7. igotshadyltd

    CBR650R Base model quickshifter

    Hello everyone, I’ve searched every thread with “quickshifter” and I haven’t found anyone installing a quickshifter, oem or otherwise, that had actually worked with the base model cbr650r. Did anyone get this thing to work? Any posts that had people install it on base models without ABS claimed...
  8. D

    All 650Rs Gilles FXR-H05-B rearset with Honda quickshifter?

    Hi there I am currently investigating splurging money on an alternative rearset for my CB650R, in order to allow for a more sporty riding position. Specifically, the FXR-H05-B rearset from Gilles peeks my interest. However, my bike is equipped with the Honda quickshifter. I asked Gilles...
  9. Sparkymick

    Completed 2020 CB650R Quick shifter for sale

    Genuine Honda CB650R quick shifter, had it fitted to the bike as part of a sports package worked in the deal when l bought the bike new from the dealers. Only just been fitted at the first service due to a supply shortage, selling as its not going to be used as intended, removed it after a few...
  10. TTR_Ignition_Systems

    What does a Quick Shifter do, and WHY do I want one?

    Did you know the 2019+ CB(R)650s are factory-ready to use a Quick Shifter? All that's needed is the sensor and a replacement shift rod! In association with Shifting ContRoll, TTR Ignition Systems is pleased to offer these items at a fraction of the cost of Honda OEM components. Earlier models...
  11. TTR_Ignition_Systems

    Back in stock!

    New stock arriving this afternoon! Easy to install, and a blast to operate - so who wants one?
  12. Emempee

    All 650Fs ECU Quickshifter for all 650 models & Digital Gear Indicator

    For those who might think about fitting a quick shifter to their bike this may be useful. This kit is sold in Thailand for ฿2500 ( approx $80 or £64 or €70 ), shipping included in Thailand but I’m sure they would ship worldwide if you message the seller. I fitted this to my 2018 CB650FA and took...
  13. TTR_Ignition_Systems

    Introduction - Quick Shifter Kits and Controllers

    Good afternoon, what ever time it may be where you are! TTR Ignition Systems is the newest - and perhaps the first - supporting vendor on this site, specialising in QS components and kits. Our most recent release is a plug'n'play kit for the '19+ CB(R)650 - it literally bolts on and plugs in...
  14. Quick Shifter Test - 2020 CB650R - YouTube

    Quick Shifter Test - 2020 CB650R - YouTube

    Testing my OEM quickshifter on an Australian 2020 CB650R LAMS (restricted version)
  15. RockinBudgie

    All 650's Auto blipper

    Can you get an auto blipper like whats on the CB1000? Got factory quickshifer fitted already.
  16. Baby Vanta

    All 650Fs What’s your shifting style?

    When I used to own parallel twins, I shifted in a specific pattern that kept fuel efficiency and rapid acceleration in mind. I’m sure the same can be done with inline fours, but with torque all over the map on this bike, and larger margin of fuel economy, it’s hard to tell/develop an idea of...
  17. Dave-RB5

    CBR650R UK QuickShifter Availability

    Hi, This is mainly aimed at people in the UK who have ordered either the Sports Pack or Quickshifter and what delivery times they had? I ordered my bike in early September 2019 along with the Sports Pack at the same time, however when i picked my bike up in early October all parts of the...
  18. MrFritz86

    All 650Rs Quick Shifter for Honda CB650R (Basel model - no ABS)

    Hello everyone Does anybody know if the Quickshifter is compatible with this model CB650R (no ABS/no TC)? Or is it only available for CB650RA (ABS/TC)? Looking at the installation instructions it says CB650RA CBR650RA So I was wondering if it would have been better going for the ABS model, if...
  19. digata

    CBR650R Quick Shifter Install

    Has anyone Installed the quick shifter? all that comes with it is a slip with 2 links for install info and none have the info on.. I guess i just install it and adjust it but then where does it plug into? left hand side of the tank is a blue connector, is that it or is that heated grip connector?
  20. S

    All 650Rs 650r quickshifter

    I was lucky enough to get one of these online, genuine Honda. Installed easy no problems! Although, I could swear this bike had a 'neutral finder' where it would always go to neutral from first at 0mph no matter how hard you kicked up? Or am I completely making that up?
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