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  1. My first Honda four cylinder bike

    My first Honda four cylinder bike

  2. J

    CBR650R New Member

    Hello All, Just picked up my new CBR 650r today, So far so good, just running her in, 600 miles will be like an eternity. Went out for 60 miles this evening and can't believe how comfortable she is after stepping down from a Fireblade. Tail tidy fitted and now have to wait for the sport pack to...
  3. W

    CB650R Joined the HOC650 but yet own a bike.

    HI All, not sure if allowed to intro myself yet given still await a couple of answers before i order a CB650R. Rode bike during school days, thereafter stop riding, was busy with parties/career/family till mid century/post male menopause that decided to get back to biking. 5 years ago...
  4. MasterSlimes

    CB650R Put a deposit on this 2021 .....havent seen it or even sat on one. got a few basic questions

    Hi everyone, Due to Covid, I am not able to test drive anything, but after reading many reviews I've decided to purchase this bike... put a 500$ deposit, and its gonna take 2-3 weeks for delivery... I am 6' tall, 200 pounds. My brother in law has a Honda CB 919 and feels the 650 will be...
  5. Suni

    CB650F Bought my first motorcycle

    I bought my first motorcycle a 2014 honda cb650fa it has a 35kw restriction I still need to register it and ride it need to wait till next week i want to ride it so bad haha. I love the bike it looks awesome it feels awesome and it looks brand new it has 10k km. I am happy that there is a forum...
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