1. Rabee3

    CB650R Mix Motul 10w40 7100 with Motul 10w40 5100

    Hello everyone, I bought used CBR650r 2022 with 3500 km, I want to change the oil and the filter to make sure that Im safe, I searched the web and saw that the best oil is the Motul 10w40 7100 for the bike. But when I went to buy the oil I found only 2 liters of 10w40 7100, so the seller told...
  2. Rabee3

    All 650's Changing oil CBR650r 2022

    Hello Everyone, I bought a used CBR650R 2022, it has 3500 KM now, and I want to change the oil. I'm new to the bike world, and I don't want to go to repair shops, I like to do my stuff with my hands. also, my bike does not have a warranty I live in Palestine and we don't have a dealer, and...
  3. R

    All 650's Annual service vs milage service vs both - what is your approach and experience

    Hi all, the spring is coming soon and I start to think about the service of the bike before the season begins. I have asked shops nearby what would be the price for the annual service of the bike, including the oil change, of my 7000km 2018 CBR650F and the quotes are between 170-220EUR (west...
  4. S.emre09

    All 650's Oil Leak on the Right side of the Engine

    On the right side (picture) drops of oil accumulate on the very small corner of the engine. Since only like 100 km it started to happen. Oil change was about 2000 km ago. The cbr650f is a very maintenance low bike and i havent changed anything on it. It has 13.000 km and only oil+filter was...
  5. G

    CB650F Bar end removal

    Hi All, I am looking for some wisdom. I need to remove my bar ends, but they just spin (even when grips and cloth used!) I don’t want to damage them as I wish to refit after my hot grips have been fitted. Is there any hond bike techs that can give some advice that will be very appreciated...
  6. C

    All 650's Oil Viscosity

    2022 Honda CB650R's owner's manual says recommended viscosity is 10W 30. I have called my dealer to order oil to do my first oil change on the bike 1000K service. When I told them 10w30, they said, we would recommend 10w 40. They said, if you bring your bike here for service, we will use 10w40...
  7. Gezmason

    All 650's Valve clearances

    Hi everyone, my CB650F is coming up to 27,000 miles & has not yet had it's Valve clearances checked. I'll have a go at most things but this looks like a mare?? Can anyone recommend someone/somewhere in the Guildford/Bracknell area other than main dealer. Bike runs perfectly & everyone i've...
  8. Gezmason

    All 650's Is this coolant ok for CB650F

  9. P

    All 650's Sprocket torque settings

    What torque settings should the front sprocket be tightened to and what torque setting should the rear sprocket bolts be tightened to on 2015 cb650f
  10. B

    All 650's Air filter

    Hi guys, does anyone has a video showing how to change air filter on CB650F 2018? It would be great. thank you
  11. Vilkas

    All 650's CBR650R '21 - First Service

    Quick question : do i need to do my first oil and filter change at a honda dealer for the warranty or can i just do it myself? Seems silly to pay the money for someone else to do such a small job. Also, when you bought the bike new, did you get a booklet to record service history of the bike...
  12. R

    All 650's Brake Maintenance

    Hi All, I have a 2015 CBR650F which needs a bit of work, The Calipers seem a bit sticky and the front discs are down to the limit. How difficult is it to change the Discs & Pads on the front yourself & also change the Caliper seals, etc I don't have much maintenance experience yet but I'm...
  13. Biker steve

    All 650's Coolant

    What's the appropriate coolant to use on my cb650r .
  14. H

    CBR650F sitting since August 2018

    Hi folks, I have a 2016 CBR650F that has been sitting in the home's garage untouched, on a trickle charger since mid August 2018. I was out of the country and came back not long ago. I want to get back on it and have some fun but I don't know where to start considering all that time the bike...
  15. Sonx

    [Questions] Changing Spark Plugs and Air Cleaner for the First Time

    Service Interval I am at ~15,100 miles and I missed the replacement interval for the air cleaner and I am coming up on the spark plug replacement interval so I decided I should probably just change them both right now (since I am doing other maintained/mod installs right now as well). I have...
  16. ducatiman

    All 650's Whats wrong with my 650?

    2019 CBR650R 3780 miles NO mods to anything...factory exhaust, electrical and engine Maintenance done: numerous chain cleans/adjusts/lubes, tire pressures checked, oil level checked often, just 1 oil and filter change at the 600 mile requirement, minor adjustments to accel & clutch cables...
  17. A

    Chain Lube

    Hi, I am happy to confess I don’t ride in poor weather. However I was caught out last week and the bike got filthy. After giving it a good clean I noticed that the chain had some initial rust spots. Very minor which I have cleaned off. But I noticed how much chain lube had been flicking...
  18. LB2020

    Cost of first service in the states

    I will be taking my bike in for the first 600 mile service. I've quoted several places and they all come in at ~$250USD. From what I understand this includes oil change, chain service, and other general items. I'm a new rider and this is the first bike I've ever had serviced. Just wondering...
  19. JasCBR650R

    CBR650R Keeping the bikes clean

    Hi All, What products do people use to keep their bikes clean - I've just ordered a few Muc-off products! They've got a few good bundles on offer atm. Would be good to know what everyone else uses too! Jas
  20. Camerongall98

    All 650's Chain length

    I’m looking to replace my chain and sprockets but can’t seem to find the length I need anywhere. Can anyone advise on how many links the bike is? Or what I’d need. TIA
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