1. frej

    CB650F Leak

    Hello, I just made my first startup of the year and pretty fast i started getting a drip of coolant. From what i cant see it looks like it comes from the bolt with green in the picture and i cant figure out if its a drain? Im just guessing but is it the waterpump above. Anyone got some tips on...
  2. M

    All 650Rs Oil leak ?

    I have noticed that I might have a possible oil leak (I think). I have read on the forum that the water pump is often where it leaks. I can’t determine where this oil is coming from? To me, it doesn’t seem like the oil is leaking from the water pump. Can someone take a look at the pictures and...
  3. MrRaging

    CBR650R Exhaust Leak After Fitting Stock Exhaust?

    I purchased a '21 CBR650R that came with a full Akrapovic exhaust on it and decided to swap it out for the stock exhaust as I'm personally a fan of the stock sound. However, after installing the stock exhaust and tightening the header bolts as much as I could, it sounds as though there is a...
  4. W

    CBR650R CBR650R Leaking liquid

    Hey all, I was riding on saturday, pulled into a petrol station to fill up and as i was walking back to the bike I noticed a little bit of dark liquid under my bike about 10 cm away from my kickstand. Took a closer look at my overflow valves and they were completely dry. I looked closer and saw...
  5. cryingman

    CB650R coolant leak/ overheating? - colleagues- advice please!

    Is anyone experiencing same thing - if i ride my bike on 8000rpm and above (never go to red anyway) - i noticed coolant droplets from drainage pipes...!!!! to be honest most of the time i ride around 6K rpm, because i dont think higher than that is good for this bike- it vibrates a lot and i...
  6. Badmechanic69

    All 650Fs 2016 cbr650f fork question

    Hey guys, hoping someone can make my life a little easier with some knowledge. So my 2016 cbr650f fork is leaking, and I was hoping someone could tell me the model of the Showa fork so that I could find an exact walkthrough somewhere on YouTube. A little backstory- I changed the seals and the...
  7. S.emre09

    All 650's Oil Leak on the Right side of the Engine

    On the right side (picture) drops of oil accumulate on the very small corner of the engine. Since only like 100 km it started to happen. Oil change was about 2000 km ago. The cbr650f is a very maintenance low bike and i havent changed anything on it. It has 13.000 km and only oil+filter was...
  8. MDM650R

    CBR650R 2021 CBR650R Water Pump Leak

    Hi all, has been a while since I've posted in here.. Unfortunately took out my bike the other day to realise 20 minutes later that the bike had been leaking coolant and was overheating.. Pulled over, got a tow home etc. Refilled the radiator and found that the leak was coming from the Water...
  9. cbguyst

    All 650Rs Water Pump Leak or What?

    I have 2022 CB650r and the bike is only 1400kms. I have been reading this forum for some time now and the major comment is the water pump leak. I checked my bike today and I saw a green weird residue. My coolant is OEM and it's blue, so green shouldn't be the leak I assume, but also there was a...
  10. Badmechanic69

    CBR650F Weird leak on 2016 CBR650F

    Hey guys, new to the forum but I’m hoping you dudes can help me out. Noticed one part of the bike is leaking something, and any advice on what it is would be much appreciated. Like my name says, not mechanically inclined, but I try. Thanks
  11. S

    All 650Fs Oil Leak - CBR650FA not from the filter though.

    Hi All I've been hanging around in the background for a little while. So sorry for the belated intro. I've got a 2015 650FA which I've swapped out to Renthalls as I'm getting old! Anyhow it seems to have developed an oil leak. My first thought was oil filter which I changed out at the weekend...
  12. M

    All 650's Potential exhaust leak

    Hello, I have a cbr650f 2016 which I recently bought so decided to do a service. I know the bike has not been rode in 12 months. When I changed the oil then checked for leaks etc I notice water or a clear liquid coming out a 2mm hole in the bottom left of the exhaust (it’s the larger component...
  13. barvi

    All 650Rs Oil leak??

    Hi anyone know this problem ? After riding its show up and after some time its disappeared..
  14. C

    CB650R Coolant Leak? CB650R 2019

    Hey guys! Noticed a drop of bright blue liquid right under the bike after taking it off the paddock stand last night, only the one drop and its been sat there over a week so not a severe leak but still. I've not taken it apart yet but seems like I'll have to change a gasket, is anyone able to...
  15. P

    CB650F CB650f valve cover oil leak

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm looking for some help. I have a 2017 Honda cb650f abs with 9k km and I noticed a slight exudation only and only in the place indicated in the photo, everything else is perfectly dry. 1)Does anybody has/had the same problem? Is that normal? 2)If not, before...
  16. Pramod Nair

    CBR650F Oil leak?

  17. David3005

    CB650R Bike leaking something

    Hi all, I bought a secondhand bike (less than a year old) and am having problems. I added fuel stabiliser to the tank - as I don’t plan on riding for a few months - last night and ticked it over for 10 minutes as instructed.I went to rev the engine a tiny bit and it cut out, and now it won’t...
  18. Y

    CB650R Is this normal?

    Hello guys :)! Ive been wondering for some days now about this thing, I'll post photos to make it easier, my cb650r has been dropping some liquid(mostly like water) from 3 open "pipes" it has underneath, the amount of liquid is very small, it barely makes the floor wet, yet Im kinda worried if...
  19. R

    CBR650R Leak from Valve cover

    So I noticed last night there’s some sort of liquid coming out from the valve cover gasket doesn’t look like oil when it dries up it turns white I’ve noticed the white material before but I thought it’s soap from washing but know i know its not Does anyone have any idea what it can be?
  20. Erick Abdula

    CB650R Coolant leak ( apparently)

    I assume this is the water pump, I don’t see a gasket failure, don’t see a gasket at all, does any one expierence
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