1. T

    CBR650R CBR650R 2023 [LAMS] Exhaust note/tune

    Hey guys my 2023 cbr650r arrives soon and I'm wondering: 1. does it sound a lot quieter because it's lams 2. if I put a full exhaust system on and use a power commander will it work properly with the restricted airflow and will it sound good. 3. If I destrict the bike myself and just do a ecu...
  2. lauri0442

    All 650Rs How to derestrict my cbr650r

    Hey guys, Im a young 18 year old from Finland and I bought my self a 2022 cbr650r. Its restricted to 35kw because of my age. I have an a2 license but I want the bike to have more power (even though its illegal). Does anyone know how can I derestrict the bike with out going to a proper tuner...
  3. D

    CBR650R 2020 CBR650R – Removing HISS and LAMS in one go

    Hi All, I purchased a stolen/recovered Australian 2020 CBR650R, mainly for use as a track bike. No keys, or antennae for the HISS, so the ECU was useless. All the Australian CBR650R’s are LAMS restricted to about 40 hp, I needed to get rid of that too. Option 1 – buy a second-hand ECU...
  4. F

    CBR650R 2020 CBR650R LAMS Derestrict

    Hi everyone, I am in Australia and I'm thinking about removing the LAMS restriction on my CBR650R. My understanding is the physical restriction is only in the stacks, and then it will require a ECU flash and tune to account for the increased airflow. There are a few places in my city that do...
  5. M

    All 650Rs partial derestriction

    Hello all, Now I've gone and got myself a new cb650r restricted bike (licence condition) and I'm already feeling the restricted potential of this machine. I realise this factor has to stay, for now, but I would like to partially derestrict and figured I'll throw this idea on the forum for some...
  6. Koala Lumpur

    CB650F Hola and doubt about restricted engine

    Hi everyone, I am a 32 yo bloke from Spain and I recently bought a second hand ‘18 CB650F, with low k’s on the clock and in very good general condition. I’d been after this bike for a long time and finally pulled the trigger. Haven’t ridden it though as it still needs to be transfered to me...
  7. R

    Removing Restrictor on 2015 CBR650F

    Hi All, Recently purchased a CBR650f which is restricted for A2 Licence here in Ireland (Previous Owner only had A2 Licence) The previous owner supplied the replacement ECU and Air Intake parts to remove the Restriction. Does anyone have any guides on how to replace both ECU & Intake Nozzles...
  8. Costa Rica Surfer

    All 650Rs Which Countries are Required to sell the restricted version of the 650r?

    Hello I am a new member living in Costa Rica and this is my first post. I have ordered my new 2020 CB650R and I live in COSTA RICA. My question do I know if the bike I am buying is restricted. Do all countries sell the restricted version. Do countries sell both version. Is restriction...
  9. RAFHonda

    All 650Rs The legend of the ECU reset. Is it true?

    Evening all. Having passed my full A licence, I am looking into derestricting my 2019 CB650R. Very kindly, the dealership gave me the stock/unrestricted air funnels/trumpets/snorkels when I took delivery of the bike and so I can fit those easily enough. However, the other half of the...
  10. ptimson

    All 650Fs Check if bike is restricted / lacking power

    I have a 2014 CBR650F So today I went to the garage (Burwins) for a new rear tyre and for them to check the brakes. They took the bike for a little test ride to check the brakes and noticed that it didn't have much power. So the other mechanic had a check and said it felt less / around the...
  11. squid

    CB650R CB650R LAMs De-restrict - Swapping ECU

    Hi all, I've seen alot of posts talking about retuning and replacing the restrict air intakes on cb650r to de-restrict it. I was wondering if anyone had tried to replace the PGM-FI UNIT with the part from the US unrestricted version of the bike. I've noticed that their part numbers are...
  12. N

    Restricted to non restricted experiences

    Hello! First post on this forum so please be kind ^^ I'm a happy owner of a 2018 CB650F since May last year. It was one of the few that was left, and i preferred the looks of this one compared to the newer CB650R (which looks pretty good as well of course :D). Because of the laws in my country...
  13. R

    All 650's Unrestricted VIN

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of unrestricting my 650F. Before three days I vent to local motorcycle centre to buy unrestricted funnels 17225-MJE-D00 and 17226-MJE-D00, but they didn't want to sell them without providing appropriate VIN number. Is there anyone who is willing to share VIN from...
  14. M

    CB650R Replacing intake funnels

    Hi Honda Club members, I recently purchased in a CB650r and joined this club. I live in Australia and here ''downunder'' Honda only sell the restricted model bike (LAM - Learner approved motorcycle - similar to A2 in the UK) With the help of this forum i have obtained the spare part list and...
  15. 2

    CB650R cb650r ecu

    does anyone know if you can get the ecu flash on the 650r to take away any lams restrictions
  16. B

    CBR650F PCV or Reflash

    What's better a power commander v or getting a ecu reflash for a lams bike cbr650f
  17. FR8TRAIN

    De-Restrict the 2019 Honda CBR650R

    Hi all, I know there are numerous threads available for this however lings is included which makes no sense to me so please I'd really appreciate some help in plain English :) From my understanding you need to flash the ECU to get the improved performance, which also adjusts the air/fuel...
  18. gunmetalgrey

    Removing LAMS on 2017 CBR650F ABS

    Hey.. has anyone been through this exercise - (anyone from Adelaide even?) - I'm looking for the best garage to get referred to to perform the upgrade. It's best to upgrade the exhaust first before installing a new ECU apparently - anyone got any experience with this?
  19. F

    All 650's Derestricting LAMS version ECU (Australia)

    Hi all, as the title says, im am looking at removing the restriction off the bike, so if you own a full powered version (80+ HP), could you please post the following info about your bike. I believe the restriction is in the ecu, as I have disassembled my bike and found no throttle restrictions...
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