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    All 650's 650r gear lever and brake pedals

    Love the bike and looks but now the standard overall needs an upgrade. Any suggestions for after market rear brake and gear levers.
  2. E

    CB650R Quickshifter gear lever adjustment issue

    Hi, I recently bought a new unrestricted 2021 CB650R with an OEM quickshifter (upshift). I noticed that I have a lot of false neutral shifts when trying to upshift, and also sometimes the quickshifter won't work correctly. My guess is that the gear lever is adjusted too high, and I want to...
  3. Brammers

    All 650's Adjusting gear lever

    Adjusting the gear lever height is one thing that will make your CB(R)650 feel much nicer to ride. Here's how you do it... due to me having a massive argument with the BB code implementation on the forum post editor, it's a webpage. J
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