1. W

    All 650's Fuel stabiliser

    I don't use the bike daily, but I plan on going for a ride at least once a week and I was wondering if it is necessary for me to use a fuel stabiliser over the winter with this being the case?
  2. C

    All 650's Range

    Just curious, what are you all getting for mileage range out of a full tank, till the bars start flashing? I know it varies on driving habits/ roads used, but currently or average? I’ll start, I am at 125 miles a now, with 2 bars showing. Maybe I’ll end up with 160? Thanks, Ray
  3. H

    CBR650F Siphoning gas (2016 CBR650F)

    I tried siphoning gas out of my 2016 CBR650F but there seems to be a "divider" of some sort (image below) and the gas is below that divider so couldn't siphon any out. I'm guessing there must be a way to do it, but I have no idea how. Any advice?
  4. Y

    CB650R Fuel type, question from Belgium

    Hi all, I have an 11/21 CB650R which I am enjoying immensely, I had a question concerning fuel type especially in light of recent petrol prices. When I collected my bike my Honda dealer advised me to always fill up with 98ron E5 petrol which I have always done up to now (2600km) Here in Belgium...
  5. H

    CB650R Fuel tank

    Has anyone replaced the tank on a 21 cb? I can’t get straight answers from partzilla, or Honda, or dealers, in regards to if the tank comes with the Honda decals on them or not. Honda and dealers look at the diagram and don’t see the logo on the picture and then say logos are available extra...
  6. Recife79


    Hi all, Quick question, I have noticed a high fuel comsumption from a couple of weeks ago, my bike usedt do 140 miles in the city before the blinking fuel warning kicked in, now after 124 miles in the city the fuel light startes flashing. On the motorway I can do 160 miles before the reserve...
  7. TheMarkedOne

    All 650's Highway fuel consumption thread

    Hello, I recently got my CB650R 3 months ago, and having a blast! I wonder what highway fuel consumption others are getting on their CB650R. I'm just curious since hypermiling is sometimes satisfying. I regularly commute 20 miles away to college and often mind my throttle to get better gas...
  8. P

    CB650F Cold start problems, maybe difficult rich mixture? Or fuel pump?

    Hi everyone, I'm facing some trouble with my CB650F 2017 ABS with 17000 km I've noticed that, more and more frequently, the engine starts (cold start) with some problems: it seems that the engine is having difficulty getting to the right rpm (that are more high when it's cold, of course). Seems...
  9. P

    All 650Fs Fuel pump sound during initial check: more dull noise

    Hi everyone, I have a Cb650f 2017 abs with 16k km and I've noticed that with a cold start (or after a 15 minutes of stop) the initial check sound (when we turn the key without turning on the engine) became more "dull". If I do a few kilometers, the check sound returns to normal and If I wait...
  10. R

    CB650R E10 fuel

    I've just started using the new E10 fuel in my 2021 CB650R. I bought the bike in June this year and it is completely standard apart from front screen, quick shifter and heated grips. Since using this fuel I think the bike seems a bit "fluffy" at very low revs. Especially when cold. The bike runs...
  11. SSN637

    CBR650F Low Fuel Irritation

    I have a 2014 CBR650F. Overall, I absolutely love this bike. I've recently surpassed 29,000 miles on it. I really only have this one, very minor, complaint. When the bike gets to the low fuel condition - down to that last segment on the gage - I hate that it resets my trip odometer! I don't...
  12. Recife79

    All 650Fs Fuel gauge inaccurate reading.

    Hi all. I got a question regarding a fuel gauge issue I have been experiencing. When I fill the tank to the top the 6 bars should show on the display, however the first bar on the far right which indicates the tank is full does not apear and once I start riding it appear and disappear. It seams...
  13. G

    All 650Fs Fuel loss from breather.

    Hi I have recently purchased a 2016 cb650f-ag. She has only 2k on the clock and has been stored since 2019 in a nice garage. I instantly changed the oil on purchasing and have not really covered any real mileage yet. she has half a tank of fuel, smells good and runs sweet. However I don’t...
  14. Phil albion

    All 650's Fuel tank

    Hello people. I have a cb650f 18 reg 731 miles from new and it has a leaking fuel tank. Anyone got a blue tank? I know it's a long shot but I'm gutted about this and just wondered if anyone can help. Thanks
  15. JamnJme


    Which gas do you use in your sport bike? Is there a better gas to use ... i.e. Chevron or Shell? Personally I have a 2018 CBR 650F and I try to get Chevron or Shell. Is there a pump gas to stay away from? Thank you
  16. JD19CBR650R

    CBR650R Pop sound from fuel tank

    Hello everyone. I have a 2019 CBR650r & I’ve noticed that when I open up the tank whether I’ve been riding or it’s been sitting in the sun, it makes a hissing & then pop noise. I only have 900 miles but that’s because I bounce from my 2020 Kawasaki 650 to this one. I don’t recall ever hearing...
  17. JamnJme

    VP fuel.

    I have a 2018 CBR650F with just over 3000 miles on it. It is totally stock EXCEPT for a complete DELKELVIC exhaust and a VEGABOND fender eliminator. My question is can I run VP Fuel MS98 in my bike without harming it? I would run straight fuel with no additive or oil. Also would it be beneficial...
  18. imahungrybiker

    CBR650F Do I need a remap/PCV/Bazzaz fuel controller unit?

    Hi guys, I was somehow unable to get my answers hence this thread. Anyone helping me sort this will be of great help to me. I have a 2017 CBR 650F and the bike has stock filter and spark plugs. But has a AliExpress sources SS full system exhaust on it from the previous owner. I don't have...
  19. ducatiman


    250 Ninja Keihin refurb completed today, I'll spare the photos.......next on the hit parade...old Honda CX650 Keihins again, though way different
  20. Patent

    All 650's Over-wintering?

    Hello, now autumn is here I'm thinking about what to do with my cb650 in preparation for winter. I still plan to ride it occasionally, although obviously less frequently than in the summer. Some questions then: Winter protection - I've heard about ACF50. Is this the best stuff to use for...
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