1. W

    CBR650F Titanium exhaust questions.

    I want to get my girlfriend a titanium exhaust for Christmas for her bike which she just got, But I want to make it. I haven't welded titanium but I've welded plenty of stainless steel at my job I just got. I just have questions as for the process of making the exhaust if anyone would be able...
  2. M

    Exhaust gasket size

    Can anyone confirm the size in diameter of the exhaust gasket? I beleive this is the part number. 18291-MN4-920 I'm having no luck finding it and the shop wants them off to check. I'd like to have the parts ready to go so I can install the exhaust not have to stop halfway through to drive...
  3. Dan1001

    Non legal exhaust

    Hi all, anyone in the uk ever been prosecuted for running a non road legal exhaust?
  4. R

    All 650Fs Vandemon titanium exhaust

    Hi just thought I would post a pic of my 2014 cb650f with new full titanium vandemon exhaust system. Awesome quality and nice deep sound without being obnoxiously loud. Opinions on looks?
  5. FogDucker

    All 650's Much Louder Exhaust Noise after 4 years

    Hi Cellmates, it has been over 4 years that I fitted Akra and I used to love the NO BAFFLE noise. This season however it became loud enough to me to put the baffle back in. Now even with Baffle in, It's loud. I know pipes will get loud over time but just wanted to confirm if its the case for...
  6. MrRaging

    CBR650R Exhaust Leak After Fitting Stock Exhaust?

    I purchased a '21 CBR650R that came with a full Akrapovic exhaust on it and decided to swap it out for the stock exhaust as I'm personally a fan of the stock sound. However, after installing the stock exhaust and tightening the header bolts as much as I could, it sounds as though there is a...
  7. Dan1001

    akrapovic Full system to standard exhaust.

    Hi all, struggle to find info an this. Got a bike with a full akrapovic (race) system. After running the bike for a few months I've had to change back to a standard exhaust. It was way to loud leaving for work at 4/5am with my garage under little ones room. Do I need to get anything done to the...
  8. Dan1001

    All 650Rs Standard exhaust system.

    Hi all, first post so be kind! Ha. I need a standard exhaust for my bike. Bikes been fitted with an akrapovic race system and it's just too loud leaving for work at 5am. My question is. My bikes a cb650f 2018, there are a few systems on eBay that fit a cb650f and cbr650f. Knowing they use the...
  9. S

    All 650's Removing akra exhaust for roadworthy

    Hey guys, first bike owner with little to no mechanical experience so forgive me, I've got a 2019 CBR650R and it comes with all the mods im interested in, derestrict, quickshifter, acra exhaust etc.. I'm changing the exhaust back to the stock for the roadworthy and whilst I've removed the...
  10. D

    CB650R CB650R Termignoni Relevance exhaust owners?

    Hi, does anybody have the Termignoni relevance here by any chance? I'm trying to find performance specs for it but can't find anything, emailed Termignoni directly for info but no reply. This is the specific model I'm looking at...
  11. L

    CBR650R Engine light on when travelling with akrapovic full exhaust system

    So I bought a 650r ‘21 and have around 10k km on it. I have put on a full akrapovic exhaust , no mapping occurred and removed the muffler. I did around 160 km on it at almost full throttle and got 0 problems. After that I check oil and coolant level everything was perfect. Decided to do another...
  12. T

    CB650R Can I put a full exhaust system on a new bike

    Can I put a full exhaust system on a bike while it's got zero kms and I'm breaking it in? If so, do I need to tune it? or power commander? or should it be fine to run without either
  13. H

    Looking for an Akrapovic exhaust in Toronto

    Looking for an used Akrapovic exhaust in Toronto or anywhere else in Ontario/Canada. My bike is a CBR 650F ABS.
  14. R

    CBR650F Stock exhaust to Slip on exhaust

    Greetings everyone, Ray here from Malaysia. I just got my CBR650F few weeks ago and I have do some research shows that both 650F and 650R shares the same position for exhaust pipe. Yesterday I search some parts on Thailand motorcycle part website and I confused how to install it. Is it remove...
  15. S

    All 650's Exhaust Mount Washer Direction?

    The exhaust mount washers are two different lengths on the left / right. On the left side, it seems to me that the exhaust is just loosely suspended due to the length of the washer. This got me wondering if I had mounted it wrong. In the 2021-2022 service manual they are represented in the...
  16. T

    CBR650R CBR650R 2023 [LAMS] Exhaust note/tune

    Hey guys my 2023 cbr650r arrives soon and I'm wondering: 1. does it sound a lot quieter because it's lams 2. if I put a full exhaust system on and use a power commander will it work properly with the restricted airflow and will it sound good. 3. If I destrict the bike myself and just do a ecu...
  17. T

    CBR650R CBR650R full exhaust system

    Hey guys new to this group just about to get my 2023 Grand Prix red cbr650r in the next few months it will come lams unfortunately but I have plans to destrict later down the track Does anyone run the Two brothers full exhaust system? I’ve had my eye on that one for a while it sounds mean as...
  18. T

    All 650Rs Thumping sound near redline under load

    I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure this one out. I have a 2023 CB650R. I recently installed a CS Racing full exhaust system. A buddy recorded a flyby of the bike and we noticed this “thumping” sound that becomes evident as the bike approaches redline. I recently had the ECU...
  19. Toronto rider

    Exhaust types and welding issue

    Hi guys, I have beautiful 2018 cb650f. I like stock exhaust but I wanna have something sounding deeper. I have been looking at internet for hours but I couldn't find the answers. So please enlighten me. I have 2 questions. 1- does cbr650 have the same exhaust with cb650f ? Which models have...
  20. S

    All 650's Toce Exhaust... hear me out

    I honestly wasn't much of a fan of Toce, and for some reason everyone seems to hate them, but I have decided to toss a Toce full-system exhaust on my 2022 CBR650R. Mainly because I discovered that they're manufactured 10 minutes down the road from me! I arranged to drop my bike off to get the...
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