1. G4m30v3r

    Delvkic 4 to 1 with different exhaust

    I picked up a delvkic exhaust but was wondering if the akro or even Yoshi would like up with the 4:1. I like the akro’s oem type fit under the bike and the sound out of the Yoshi. Has anyone tried this? I hate to have to buy another full exhaust system since half the cost is the 4:1. tia
  2. Drswan

    All 650Fs Akrapovič S-H6R12 baffle removal road worthy

    Just wondering if anybody has pulled the baffle out of akrapovic s-h6r12 exhaust system for using on the road in NSW or any state? And if the decibels are causing problems with the road regulations and police etc ... Thanks a lot!
  3. R

    CB650R Removing CRT Twin Baffles

    Hey guys, hope everyone is staying safe during these times. Quarantine has got me curious since I've got so much time on my hands and was wondering if anyone has successfully removed the baffles inside of the CRT Twin. I would like to remove them in a way so that they may be reinserted. I do not...
  4. Bigdazy

    CB650R Akroprovic

    Hi where is the best place to buy a Akro exhaust and what one is best, Cb650r Cheers
  5. koofdome

    CB650F Dyno tune is done

    2018 CB650F finally got on a dyno today for a proper tune. How do these numbers look? -TBR Tarmac carbon full exhaust system -K&N -PC V
  6. fogducker

    All 650's Does Aftermarket Exhaust get louder over time?

    Hey, I have realized more ppl cursing at me lately. My exhaust has gotten louder (Akra). No leaks or anything as I check regularly. Cheers
  7. CBR-ANT

    Selling CBR 650F/CB exhaust

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/639458373323087/ Hope this is ok found a cheap exhaust system for only £60 located in Exeter
  8. H

    Selling Honda cb650f and cbr650f Ixil full exhaust system

    Hi selling my Ixil aftermarket exhaust with removable baffle £350 inc postage fitted to a 2018 cb650f also fits cbr650f
  9. Stevieg123

    All 650Rs SC project exhaust

    Hi all, I think I am going to purchase the SC Project twin CR-T full exhaust system, direct from the factory in Italy . I will try and use the local Honda dealer -apart from the fitting is there much else to do ? I am based in Northampton UK - Or is there a specialist that I should take it to ...
  10. A

    CBR650F New to the Honda Game

    Hi All, Thought I'd check in on this forum since I bought a 2016 Honda CBR650F with 1,700 miles on it a month ago. Fun bike but a little soft in the suspension if I'm gonna be honest. I plan on taking it to a few track days and am wondering if anyone has any opinion on how it is on track. I...
  11. C

    CB650F Akrapovic catalytic converter??

    Looking to install an Akrapovic exhaust and wanted to know if I can do it without installing the catalytic converter and also removing the baffle? Will there be issues with back pressure? Will it burn the exhaust? Will it damage the engine? Will I need to have it dyno tuned? If fuel...
  12. Doohanisthegoat

    All 650Fs Exhaustion.

    What are my options for a full exhaust system for the cbr650f?
  13. S

    All 650's how do you guys remove the old exhaust gasket?

    just got my AK fully installed today, it took about 6 hours for the job every thing goes well expect the OEM gasket, I can not get it off, I use picker to pick the rim but always scratching so I just leave it there and got the system installed question: can I just put the new gasket on top of...
  14. R

    All 650Fs Delkevic Exhaust & MRA Windscreen

    Just incase anyone was wondering about these parts. Delkevic exhaust was about $400 and the windscreen was $125. Fit and finish is perfect on both parts and the exhaust looks and sounds amazing.
  15. Simon71

    Selling Scorpion full exhaust

    Hi all I have a scorpion full exhaust with r&g hanger if anyone is interested send me a message Am looking around 425 for it Had it on my cbr650r 2019 done under 1000 miles
  16. S

    All 650Fs how difficult it is to install a AK exhaust?

    I just orderd an AKrapovic exhaust for my bike, how difficult is that to get it installed? ( rate from 0-10 ) the most difficult thing I did to my bike is to change the oil and the oil filter how many hours does it take for you to get your exhaust installed? my local shop will do the job for...
  17. R

    All 650Rs Stock Exhaust Cover

    I do know there is a thread about this on here somewhere but I can't find it so posting here instead! Just had the exhaust cover back from the dippers and it looks pretty good, will get it on over the weekend and see how she looks tarted up with some more photos.
  18. T

    Buying CBR650F Exhaust

    Looking for a full exhaust system. Lmk if you’ve got one you’re wanting to sell.
  19. C

    All 650's Painting an Akrapovic Exhaust Black

    Hey everyone! I'm excited to be a part of this forum. I just bought my 2019 CB650R about two months ago and I love it. I just ordered the single outlet Akrapovic Race system exhaust for my bike, but I'd love for it to be black. I've looked online where people have used VHT paint to do this...
  20. bishop

    CBR650F Repacking Two Bros Tarmac exhause. Inlet cap issues Fix/Tip

    I bought my CBR650F 2014 used. It came with the Two Brows Muffler repack kit and the silencer missing. I assumed the previous owner must have gutted the exhaust, and plan to repack later? I replace the missing silencer last year, and this weekend I decided to repack the muffler. The repack...
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