1. I called her Friday

    I called her Friday

    Being on this forum for a while, I just thought to showcase her anyway even if most of the people must have stumped across a picture already. A lot of help and tips were gathered thanks to this forum, I'm glad to be part of the family.
  2. My CB650R Project

    My CB650R Project

    I just wanted to share my bike. I just got it last June and made some few aesthetic changes
  3. B

    Luggage Could use some advise on luggage for CB650R w/ tail tidy

    Recently got a CB650R. The first thing I did was install an Evotech tail tidy. (Pics attached) The second thing I did was plan a camping trip with my buddy only to realize that my luggage choices are somewhat limited on the CB650R and probably even more limited with the given tail tidy. Just...
  4. Munkey26

    Selling Bagster Comfort Seat for CB650R

    £285 Bagster comfort seat for the Honda CB650R. Imported from France. Reason for sale is a new bike. Used for around 100 miles only. Can post but is a big box so postage will need to be paid by the buyer. Full product details at...
  5. VID_116130819_013535_313.mp4


    Ride across the bridge in my town.
  6. Quick Shifter Test - 2020 CB650R - YouTube

    Quick Shifter Test - 2020 CB650R - YouTube

    Testing my OEM quickshifter on an Australian 2020 CB650R LAMS (restricted version)
  7. C

    All 650's Painting an Akrapovic Exhaust Black

    Hey everyone! I'm excited to be a part of this forum. I just bought my 2019 CB650R about two months ago and I love it. I just ordered the single outlet Akrapovic Race system exhaust for my bike, but I'd love for it to be black. I've looked online where people have used VHT paint to do this...
  8. derekmatel

    CB650R 2020 CB650R from Utah

    Just joined for information on rear spool options and other essential modifications or just cosmetic ones that add to the aesthetic! I'm a father and photographer living in Utah and just enjoy a good ride. Looking forward to soaking up the knowledge this group has to offer.
  9. CB650R vs CBR650R

    CB650R vs CBR650R

    My bike with a CBR from Honda's press fleet.
  10. 20200329_141719_HDR.jpg


    2020 CB650R from Australia, out on a Sunday ride testing my 3D printed tail tidy / fender eliminator (still fine tuning the licence plate light position and aesthetics)
  11. 20200329_141621_HDR.jpg


    2020 CB650R from Australia, out on a Sunday ride testing my 3D printed tail tidy / fender eliminator
  12. mikewchandler

    All 650Rs Bar end mirrors and tail tidy complete. Thanks for the help!

    Just wanted to thank this forum. Several of you answered my PMs or questions on posts. The job wasn't too difficult but I was nervous to mess with a brand new bike. So, thanks for your patience as well as your help. :)
  13. deadpedal’s CB650R

    deadpedal’s CB650R

  14. My Ride, Gretta

    My Ride, Gretta

    Easily my favorite bike of all times
  15. My 1st bike (also my baby)

    My 1st bike (also my baby)

    2019 CB650R ABS
  16. Gpartida

    Gear No helmet locks on CB650R?

    Hello all, I just joined the CB650R family by picking up a 2020 model at my local dealer this weekend and I have been grinning ever since I rode it off the lot. One thing that has surprised me a bit is that there doesn't seem to be any way to lock my helmet's D-ring under the pillion seat when...
  17. My 2019 Honda CB650R NSC Black

    My 2019 Honda CB650R NSC Black

    After riding a 2013 Kawasaki ER-6f and a 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 GT, I wanted something different. In 2017, Honda announced the Neo Sports Cafe range and introduced for 2018 the CB125R, the CB300R and the CB1000R. I wanted a 'middle weight' and for that, I had to wait until 2019 to get my...
  18. R

    CB650R Denali Soundbomb mount bracket

    I just installed a denali soundbomb using the factory horn mount point. Is there a denali bracket for the CB650R so it can mount higher off the ground?
  19. emudshit


  20. R

    Selling Shad 3p Pannier Fitting Kit for 2019 CB650R

    New In Box Shad 3P Pannier Fitting Kit (H0CB69IF) for 2019 Honda CB650R. $185 + $65 shipped domestic USA ground. (Continental US buyers only) I am including a pic of an identical kit installed...but item for sale is New In Box, never opened. Dave
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