cb650f 2018

  1. twin bikes small.jpg

    twin bikes small.jpg

    My two horses
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    First day with my new bike
  3. P

    CB650F Remove restrictor

    Hello. I have an electronic restrictor in my Honda cb650f, anyone know how to remove this at all? Thank you.
  4. S

    CBR650F Vibrations in seat

    Hey, I have a 2018 cbr650f with 200 miles on it and I was riding down the highway yesterday and anything above 70mph in 5th and 6th gear I had vibrations in the seat and handlebars. Its never done it before. Could I get some insight?
  5. S

    CBR650F SC Project Exhaust??

    Hey everyone, so I've seen videos and a lot of images with our 650F bikes with a SC Project exhaust but l can't find a website or any place that sells it online. Well not with google and talking to dealerships so l was wondering if anyone has experience with that. If anyone knows l preferably...
  6. Blacked.jpg


    Custom 650F colours
  7. Chip

    CB650F New Colours for 2018

    Noticed that there will possibly be some new colours avialable for the 2018 CB650F.
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