1. Ofir650r

    Question about exhaust

    Hi, I currently have a 2017 cb650f with Akrapovic full system, and I want to buy a brand new cbr650r 2021. My question is, can I fit my Akrapovic system on the newer 2021 model cbr650? And will the 2021 OEM exhaust fit on my older cb650f? Hope this isn't too confusing, I would really...
  2. Breckmoto

    New Pipes

  3. P

    Akrapovic S-H6R11-AFT Where to buy?

    Hi all, Im from Australia. Recently purchased a CB650R and wanted to put the Akrapovic S-H6R11-AFT onto it however i cannot find anyone in australia who stocks Akropovic exhaust systems for the Honda CB bikes. Does anyone know where I can buy this exhaust from? I have only managed to find ebay...
  4. J

    All 650Rs CB650R 2021 Akraprovic Carbon fit?

    Does any one know if S-H6R14-HEGEHT Akrapovic fits onto the 2021 model? On the Akrapovic site for CB650R 2021 it only shows the S-H6R11-AFT (non-carbon). Looked around other sites and heard mixed feelings about the fit for the 2021 model. Just wanted to know if someone with a 2021 model has...
  5. TRogers91

    All 650Rs TERMIGNOMI EXHAUST - Who's in the know?

    After making the decision to buy an Akrapovic system for my CB650R, I came across a picture of the Termignomi below. I've not seen one before, nor can I find anything on the forum about them, but I would like to know if anyone has one fitted or has past experience with a system as I'm tempted to...
  6. Bigdazy

    CB650R Akraprovic

    Hi all, does anyone no the best place to buy akraprovic for CB650R and so they do finance. Thanks if you’s can help
  7. B

    All 650's CB650F with akrapovic

    Hi guys, i just bought and installed an akrapovic on my CB650F 2018. Sound is nice but louder than i was thinking about. When i ride it in high revolution there a small farts i hear sometime, is it normal? Thank
  8. Cb650fa

    All 650's Plug the Akrapovic exhaust when washing

    Hi all, Just after some ideas on what to use to plug my Akrapovic exhaust (baffle out) when washing the bike. Photos would be great. The ones available at bike shops are designed for smaller and flat tips, those with the Akra exhaust will know the tip has a large opening due to the angled cut...
  9. Cb650fa

    All 650's Akrapovic spring loop/bracket help

    Admin, hope I am not spamming, I couldnt find the most appropriate place to post this.. Just need input from you guys about one of the spring loops on my header pipe connecting the link pipe. What should I do, get it removed and a correct bracket welded in place? Looks like the wrong spring...
  10. Gmerider

    All 650Rs 2021 CB650R - Akrapovic full exhaust, Check engine light

    Just installed full titanium Akrapovic exhaust, now my check engine light is on. O2 sensor is plugged in and installed. disconnected battery for serval minutes and reconnected. CEL is still on. Someone mentioned having to refresh ECU? Can anyone offer some advice?
  11. WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 4.28.35 PM.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 4.28.35 PM.jpeg

    new Akrapovič full exhaust and Rear Wheel Fender Mudguard
  12. WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 4.28.36 PM.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 4.28.36 PM.jpeg

    new Akrapovič full exhaust and Rear Wheel Fender Mudguard
  13. WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 4.28.36 PM (1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 4.28.36 PM (1).jpeg

    new Akrapovič full exhaust and Rear Wheel Fender Mudguard
  14. andrefly

    All 650's IXRACE MK2

    Hi at all. I'm new here 🙃 I'm searching info for the Ixrace MK2 sound (on all 650's... They have the same engine). From YT, the sound i hear is not that much different from stock, can someone who have already installed it can help me with this decision? Please don't suggest me other exhaust...

    All 650Rs CS Racing Vs Akra

    I’m just wandering if anyone has heard both of these exhausts or compared them in any way? I know most people have heard the Akro but I’d like to know how it compares to the CS Racing for sound and build quality.. Dont confuse the CS with the SC slip on.. I can get the full CS system for about...
  16. OkiCB

    CB650R Akrapovic Mounting Bolt Oversight?

    I recently purchased a beautiful Akrapovic system for my 650R. Mounting was easy, looks great, sounds awesome; exactly what I was looking for in an exhaust. With one caveat. The two mounting bolts for the muffler itself through the rubber grommets do not thread into the provided mounting...
  17. lancewong12

    All 650Rs Check Engine Light on (2019 CB650R) DTC 6-7 error code

    I'm using a 2019 Honda CB650R (with Akrapovic exhaust), after about 3000km mileage the check engine light is on. I've shorted the wires (brown with green/white) to check on the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code). It showed 6 long flashes and 7 short flashes. I do not have the Honda DTC manual book...
  18. JRinKtown

    All 650's Akrapovic S-H6R11-AFT exhaust Requires Re-Packing

    Just an FYI as there is some confusion on whether the Akrapovic full system muffler needs regular re-packing or not. I emailed Akrapovic to ask. They sent their reply to a local (sort of) supplier for forwarding to me so I knew where to obtain the kit. This is their reply:
  19. M

    All 650's Newbie Post so go easy....Akra exhaust

    Opinions please..... Is the Akrapovic system worth the money... Cheers Mac.
  20. D

    All 650's Exhaust flanges stuck

    I'm removing my akra exhaust to replace the gaskets and two of the flanges are stuck on the bolts (the other two slid right off) Tried soaking them with WD40 but they get stuck about halfway down the bolts, no matter how much wiggling or finessing and different angles I've thrown at it. if...
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