The Therapist


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I call her my Therapist cuz every time I go for a ride I just clear my mind and can’t wipe the grin off my face😁

Well, here she is, “ The Therapist”
Let me know what you think👍🏻

Style & Safety Mods

- pazzo racing brake and clutch levers
- vinyl wrapped and custom stickers on side intake cowls
- XX e-commerce (Amazon) rear seat cowl with silver vinyl inlay
- low pro Katur (Amazon) mirrors
- red painted Honda and Nissin lettering
- Mantt (Amazon) fender eliminator

Performance / Handling Mods

Nothing yet but Im thinking of possibly going with a full exhaust system, air intake/filter upgrade and a tune in the spring. I’m not really expecting massive power gains, I’m going just for more sound and to smooth out the power delivery in the mid rpm range, besides I can see a CB1000R in my future already

not really a mod but I adjusted the pre load on the rear damper to 7. I’m 6’2” and 220lb, needed a bit more stiffness in the rear, im liking were it is sitting right now. Setting 3 was way to squishy for me.

Luggage / Convenience Mods

- Motopower (Amazon) cell phone holder

Plans / Wishlist

My next mod will probably be an upgrade to the lighting for night time driving. The Denali 2.0 kit has gotten good reviews by a few guys here so I’m looking into that


Can you share a link to the mirrors?
Yup here they are. I would recommend peeling the glass back and adding some PL or Gorilla glue at the 4 corners, they only stick one side down, I learned this the hard way 🤦🏻‍♂️
I also put some thread lock on the bolts and some flat and lock washers where I could fit them for a good secure fit. Other than that they are good value, can’t really complain at that price compared to $150+ per mirror for the high end stuff! Maybe next year lol.

KATUR Motorcycle Handlebar End Mirrors Rear View Mirror Black Motorbike Anti Glare Bluish Hawk-Eye Mirrors 8MM 10MM Clockwise Threaded Bolts Mounts for Kawasaki Suzuki Honda Victory Chopper Amazon product

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