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  1. Slickvic

    Comment by 'Slickvic' in media 'Just chillin'

    Well played, good sir!
  2. Slickvic

    According to BBC - Ireland to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030

    Yeah, but that's just for "New" vehicles. Wait a tic..... "In addition to banning the sale of new fossil fuel cars, the government said it would stop granting National Car Test (NCT) certificates to such vehicles by 2045." Ok, fair point, but what's to say there won't be somebody in charge...
  3. Hubertus, WI

    Hubertus, WI

    Great Spring weather.
  4. Slickvic

    All 650's Tire Pressure Monitor

    Get it here: CAREUD Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System Wireless Motorcycle TPMS
  5. Slickvic

    Magnetic Sump Plug Debris

    Adding a link for this since it was not in the original post: Mishimoto - Magnetic Oil Drain Plug M12 x 1.5, Black ("Murica" URL)
  6. Slickvic

    CBR650F Protek ABS Plastic windscreen

    I used to work at a plastics fabrication company, so unfortunately I knew that ABS is not as safe as the expensive polycarbonate windscreens. I will give updates if anything like that happens. Thanks.
  7. Slickvic

    CBR650F Protek ABS Plastic windscreen

    I did a forum search and could not find any references to this product. Last week I just happened to come across this aftermarket windscreen on Amazon.com and was surprised by the affordable price. I automatically wrote it off as sub-par junk, but for $20 I was curious enough to buy one...
  8. Slickvic

    CBR650F Slipper Clutch

    We might be able to use the slipper clutch from the 2019 CBR650R if it shares enough parts with our bikes. It's too early to tell though.
  9. Slickvic

    CB650R Neo Sports Cafe

    New video on this subject. Honda CB650R: Minimum Fuss, Maximum Motorcycle
  10. Slickvic

    Who's gonna try first?

    Professional stunt rider?
  11. Slickvic

    Vortex Rear stand

    This is the one I bought and it works fine. Black Widow Swingarm Rear Motorcycle Stand
  12. Slickvic

    CB650F Engine running too hot?

    Shorts AND flip flops on the Gixxer. A Winning combination!
  13. Slickvic

    Coolant Change

    Hey does anybody know if the factory coolant is inert if the bike was sitting in the showroom for 2 years before I bought it? In other words, do the 2 years in the showroom count as 2 years of aged coolant or does the aging of the coolant begin when I started riding it?
  14. Slickvic

    All 650's PAIR Valve Removal

    It's part of the emissions control system. Watch this video to become enlightened.
  15. Slickvic

    Motorcyclist Magazine - 2018 Honda CBR650F

    Sorry this posting got derailed into a "Oil usage" thread. :mad:
  16. Slickvic

    CBR650F Questions about parts

    And these guys: Service Honda
  17. Slickvic

    Motorcyclist Magazine - 2018 Honda CBR650F

    Youtube review. It’s another commute with Zack from Motorcyclist Magazine. Do you agree or disagree with any of his observations? Discuss.
  18. Slickvic

    CB650F Stanchion Protection

    It's also a foolish move not to paint the frame where the pillion footpegs mount, yet they did it. Foolishness abounds in the retail manufacturing realm once you start looking for it.
  19. Slickvic

    CB650F Stanchion Protection

    "I've been scratching my head as to why honda stopped putting these on rwu forks a few years ago." Cost, perhaps?
  20. Slickvic

    Has Anyone Lowered a 2018 CB650F ?

    Boy racers..... I'm 55 with gray hair, so of course I don't match the description. So yeah....