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    CBR650F Throttle gone after reaching red line

    its there to stop your pistons hitting the valves and junking your engine when you get beyond the safe rev limit for that engine design. you cant and should not disable it without flashing the ecu
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    CB650R running in

    dont worry - modern tolerances are pretty good - as stated earlier - get it nice and warm-dont labour engine - vary speed - personally i rev it freely to around half revs -6k for a couple of hundred miles,then add a couple of thousand revs every 100 mile or so - until first service - drop the...
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    CB650F Hi from Portugal

    welcome Davis - bet its a bit warmer were you are - enjoy the bike
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    Good Cafe Thread

    two decent ones in close proximity to East Yorkshire - were i am based Squires at/near Sherburn in Elmet - very popular and Seaways at Fridaythorpe - although sometimes at the weekend there is a bit of a police presence on the surrounding roads - so be careful out there
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    Hello new bike

    thanks everyone - got home ok - looks like the weather is turning to sh+t next few days so i suppose i will have to just stare at it for a while. first impressions - very good - quite responsive,light clutch,tacho way to small to see easily and lots of functions on the dash that i have no idea...
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    Hello new bike

    afternoon everyone - just about to set of to pick up new bike my friends will look down on me as i haven't got the latest hyper 1000 cc super bike like them but i dont care. ive got a lot less debt than them and a bike i can actually ride pretty hard on the road without getting to stupid speeds...