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  1. JRinKtown

    CB650F [Video] Rattling sound 4500-5500 rpm, normal?

    If it occurs under load then I doubt it is the CCT. It might be inconsequential. You should hear the noise from my CRF300L. Some valve chatter may be happening for you, but even then, that can be acceptable, as when they need adjustment the gap narrows and they get real quiet. Some noise is...
  2. JRinKtown

    Oil Viscosity

    Here's a link to some decent info on the subject: 10W30 vs 10W40 Key differences and how to choose
  3. JRinKtown

    Oil Viscosity

    You'll be fine with their recommendation of 10W40. In the summer heat in southern Ontario you'll be at the upper end of the 10W30 range. Either will be fine, but 10W40 would be best if you hit it hard and your summer temps are often in the mid 30s C. Further thoughts: I've always used 10W40...
  4. JRinKtown

    All 650's Warning Chinese levers

    I think we can accurately judge the quality of things like levers from knowing the company who makes them (due diligence); their history, reputation, where they are manufactured, customer reviews, and their involvement in the sport. Pazzo for instance, manufacture here in Canada using material...
  5. JRinKtown

    All 650's Warning Chinese levers

    There are many excellent quality levers--and other parts--on the market and there are good reasons to swap to aftermarket; adjustability of the reach and grab point on the clutch is chief among them. To say it's best to stick to stock is just plain wrong for many riders. That said, purchasing...
  6. JRinKtown

    CB650F [Video] Rattling sound 4500-5500 rpm, normal?

    I have not removed the cct on my 650F. The others were on a dual sport. The Honda units look pretty much the same design though, so I assumed turning it in all the way will lock it like the others I have experience with. If you can add more tension to the unit, Honda must have used a completely...
  7. JRinKtown

    CB650F [Video] Rattling sound 4500-5500 rpm, normal?

    It takes only a partial turn with the screwdriver to withdraw the shaft and a slight twist in the other direction to release it. I can't recall any ability to manually increase the tension in the OEM unit by turning with a driver. As I recall, the only action using a screwdriver other than to...
  8. JRinKtown

    CB650F [Video] Rattling sound 4500-5500 rpm, normal?

    If while riding you hear the rattling on steady or trailing throttle only, and it goes away when you throttle on and put load on it, then it may well be the CCT or as Honda calls it, the Cam Chain Lifter Assembly. If that were the case, the solution is a new OEM unit which is a 10 minute job...
  9. JRinKtown

    CBR650R MPG am I missing something?

    I assume you are using imperial measures when you say gallon. Lots of folks here are using US gallon measure which of course is quite different, and that may be what the reviews were quoting. If that 48 mpg you refer to was US gallon size, then that equates to 57.6 mpg Imperial, making it...
  10. JRinKtown

    All 650's Ignition won’t go past on

    Sometimes on mine when I turn the key from steering lock position it stops at 'On' and refuses to go to 'Ignition.'. When that happens I turn the key back again fully anticlockwise and lock the steering, then immediately clockwise to bypass 'On' to ignition position. I know some say to use...
  11. JRinKtown

    CBR650R MPG am I missing something?

    On my 650F I get anywhere from 55 mpg Imperial which is 46 mpg US to 67 mpg Imperial which is 56 mpg US, depending on how I twist the throttle, and ambient temperature. I guess Honda's estimation is conservative.
  12. JRinKtown

    All 650's Dropped it

    Try BikerzBits in Thailand. If they have what you need it'll likely be a lot less expensive than other sources. It's all OEM and they are good to deal with. They ship fast by DHL. Many of their listings do not have a photo, so a phone call is best to confirm.
  13. JRinKtown

    CB650R Seized bolt on tank cowl, ideas?

    An impact wrench is always great to have on standby. Glad you got it :-)
  14. JRinKtown

    All 650's Timing chain re-installation help?

    Are you sure the lifter assembly tensioner is still locked out? Doesn't take much to release that lock causing the shaft to shoot out and tension the chain again.
  15. JRinKtown

    What was your worst accident or emergency situation?

    That ride was in B.C. on Westside Road which runs like that from Kelowna to Vernon. Lovely road for riding. Yeah, those red light runners are the unexpected we have to expect.
  16. JRinKtown

    What was your worst accident or emergency situation?

    I've had a few close calls, been down once on pavement and a few times on dirt trails. The pavement crash dislocated my shoulder but I rode home. That was my fault. I gave it throttle while increasing lean angle on a tight corner, on newish aggressive knobbies (dual sport bike). Pretty dumb huh...
  17. JRinKtown

    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    24,600 Km on my 2018 cb650f. Time for some service. Installed a K & N air filter and a Booster Plug. Also, had a shop check the valves, swap the spark plugs for Iridium, and mount new tires (Dunlop RoadSmart II). 4 valves needed adjustment, though one or two of them were still in spec but at the...
  18. JRinKtown

    CBR650R noob with a new bike

    Welcome to the joy of motorcycling :)
  19. JRinKtown

    CB650R Sc project - Sc1-r - Engine temperature & tune

    Did you ask for a tune to obtain maximum power, or a tune for best rideability? There is a notable difference. For max power at high rpm, cutting that restrictor off would likely help if that's what you're going for, but it may reduce the torque at lower rpm, and street typical performance. If...
  20. JRinKtown

    CB650R Net Power Difference

    Just to clear one misconception: Higher octane gas does not provide more power regardless of the ECU or a tune, unless you advance the timing. It just burns differently. You would only need high octane in a high compression engine, which this NOT, and/or if you advanced the ignition timing quite...
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