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    All 650's How can you visually tell a bike is restricted/limited?

    After having my second hand new toy for nearly a month and not yet wanting to ride at 140-150 mph how can I visually tell my bike isn't a restricted model (I was verbally told it's not when I bought it), also does this mean that if a bike was stopped by police they would struggle to confirm that...
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    Sunday Morning

    Oh my, sun shining, a little chilly but dry. Almost perfect biking weather, god how I missed that. An hour out this morning with no particular place to go, i wasn't even upset with the Sunday drivers. Just thought I would let everyone know how good life is at 60
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    Rain and ABS

    Okay my new toy arrived this afternoon 2017 CB-F with ABS and I spent 20 minutes admiring it outside while getting soaked to the skin. Didn't take it out as weather became monsoon like and I've decided to become more of a fair weather rider. The rain got me thinking, although I've not ridden a...
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    All 650Fs Back into biking

    Hi all Just paid for my 2017 CB650 FA-G (not sure what the G stands for) its being delivered Saturday and I can’t wait. it’s been 25 years since I sold my last bike, now the kids have left home I thought I would have some me time, I was a bit shocked at the market being predominantly 1000cc...
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