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    CB650R Removing top speed governor

    I don’t believe they sell restricted models in the US. I believe they’re all full powered, but also electronically speed limited
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    CB650R Removing top speed governor

    At least the 2020 US model CB650R has a top speed governor of 135mph. But it hits that speed very low into 6th gear revs, like maybe 6-7k; so there’s clearly more speed available in the motor.
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    CB650R Removing top speed governor

    Anyone remove the top speed governor? I know it can be done through an ECU flash or dyno tuning, but wondering if I can do it with a PCV map.
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    All 650's Who can wheelie on a cb650?

    I have an akra exhaust and PCV, with T/C off it'll power wheelie in 1st gear easily. Clutch up wheelies are def possible, if you want it. I've done a few in 2nd gear and it actually comes up pretty quick. I never tried before those 2 mods, but those 2 changes also woke the motor up quite a bit
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    All 650Rs CB650R 2021 Akraprovic Carbon fit?
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    All 650Rs CB650R 2021 Akraprovic Carbon fit?

    I have a 2020 cb650r and I brought a S-H6R11-AFT from a reputable seller on eBay, but it said it was only good up to the 2016 or 2018 cb650f models. It’s the exact same product, same engine, same mounting points, and it fits perfect. We compared the only difference between mine, and one of my...
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    All 650Rs Echelon’s cb650R

    I like what you did but I’ll prob skip the intake drilling and breather. I’d love to get this thing dyno-tuned, if for nothing else to get rid of that 135 limit. I just need to find someone reasonably close and reliable.
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    All 650's Do these easy mods now and ENJOY!

    bruh, really came back after 2 months ... I thought there were some new developments in this PAIR topic when I saw it at the top again, WRONG!!! LOL
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    All 650Rs Echelon’s cb650R

    Who tuned it? It sounds like you started with a Woolich tune and had someone else juice it some more. If so, is your guy taking orders? lol
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    All 650Rs Integrated tail light

    I bought an amazon one and have been using it for 8 months with no problems. You will need a flasher relay, otherwise the turn signal hyper flash. I would buy the one from TST and some of their wire adapters just because its easier than splicing.
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    Cost of first service in the states

    I came out around $120 with full synthetic oil at my first service performed by the dealership. And I didn’t buy the bike from my local dealership, so no favors were give on pricing.
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    CB650R Slipping clutch

    This same problem just appeared in my 2020 CB650R. Everything was fine for about 150 miles yesterday, then all of a sudden the clutch won’t hold gear after about 6k rpm, regardless of what gear I am in. This all happened last night after a long day out so I haven’t fully diagnosed it yet. Bike...
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    All 650Rs CBR650R & CB650R Exhausts

    Has anyone purchased and installed one of these? wondering what the final product build quality and install looks like.
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    Expired Kriega US-10 Drypack tailbag (USA) I bought this bag but I find that I am preferring my backpack. I paid about $120 after tax and s/h. The bag is like new, including the original box and a full extra set of mounting straps, so you can set it up on multiple bikes. I have 8 straps and 7 buckles total, only...
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    SP Engineering Exhaust

    Has anyone actually purchased and put one of these in their bike? The price is really appealing but also a little concerning.
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    I just took mine to the dealer for it’s first service about 3 weeks ago. By the manual its only due for an oil change and drive chain check, but my dealer threw in a bunch of fitment services like clutch, preload,and throttle adjustments to my preferences. I only paid for the scheduled services...
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    Comment by 'creef14' in item 'My CB650R Project'

    I can’t find the full austin racing exhaust, only their cat-delete option that requires cutting the stock system. Can you help steer me in the right direction?
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    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    lol...I saw the thumbnail and thought it was a lighthouse
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    CB650R Bar End Mirrors

    wanna sell a set to fellow rider in the US?
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