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  1. PAPERINIK58666

    CBR650R Socket / plug under panel, wanted ...

    Hello, show me an electrical socket / plug under the auxiliary panel (if available ...) of the 2019 model, to mount an accessory, before it disassembles everything ...? I tried to search the forum, but in vain ... Thanks, bye.
  2. PAPERINIK58666

    CBR650R CBR 650 R 2019. More protective windshield

    Ciao ragazzi, Puoi consigliarmi un parabrezza più protettivo dell'originale? Non ho trovato nulla nel forum ...
  3. PAPERINIK58666

    Better tires for CBR

    Hello, which tires do you find best for vs CBR? For now I have those from the Dunlop Sportsmart TT series and I'm happy with them.
  4. PAPERINIK58666

    CBR650R Hello everyone from Rome, Italy!

    Hello everyone, I forgot to say hello as soon as I joined this forum, sorry. I live in Rome, Italy. This would be my 17th bike, including mopeds and scooters, hopefully it won't bring bad luck ...! I am very satisfied with both the bike (that place), and with this forum, very interesting and...
  5. PAPERINIK58666

    All 650's Inspection of the radiator water level

    Ciao, Trovo molto difficile controllare il livello dell'acqua del radiatore nel vaso di espansione. Solo inserendo una piccola lampadina sotto il vassoio posso controllare se c'è acqua oppure no. Colpa della plastica troppo opaca ... non si vede nulla nemmeno usando il liquido di raffreddamento...
  6. PAPERINIK58666

    CBR650R Handguards for Cbr 650 R 2019...wanted!

    hi, I'm looking for handguards for the cold season, but I can't find anything, not even on this forum ... would you know how to recommend someone I can mount? Thanks bye.
  7. PAPERINIK58666

    CBR650R water under the bike ... what is it?

    Hi guys, I noticed that when starting the engine cold I found water under the bike. It is not the water from the radiator, it looks clean, maybe it condenses ... But where does it come from, from one of the 3 rubber hoses? One more thing, what is that black barrel next to the rear mono? Thanks...
  8. PAPERINIK58666

    Tightening torques wanted ...

    Hi guys,👍 do you know where I can find a manual / list of tightening torques for the CBR 650 R 2019, or the most important measures? I'm also fine in Italian, French, German, etc. Thanks, a warm greeting🙋‍♂️
  9. PAPERINIK58666

    CBR650R Raised and / or adjustable half-handlebars

    Hello, is there anyone who has mounted semi-handlebars that are higher and / or adjustable in terms of opening and inclination? And if so, can you give me some info? Thanks bye.
  10. PAPERINIK58666

    Rubber footrests

    Hi, do you know where I can find rubber brake and shifting pegs instead of the original metal ones? Thanks bye.
  11. PAPERINIK58666

    CBR650R HERE I AM!

    I just arrived in this forum. I live in Italy, in Rome, and have owned a 2019 Cbr 650 R for a few weeks, which I am very satisfied with, as soon as I can I will post the photos.! I hope you will forgive my poor English ... I go to translator! A cordial greeting to all!
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