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  1. Rafe

    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    Wow @Goblin that's a top job. Did you take the exhaust off while you worked on it or left it on?
  2. Rafe

    All 650's PAIR VALVE REMOVAL (improved version) More reasonably priced too.
  3. Rafe

    CB650R New cb650r owner (first bike) in London

    My pleasure - glad I could help.
  4. Rafe

    All 650Rs Evotech tail tidy installed

    I had the flickering LED on mine. I only had to crimp the bullet connectors a tiny bit and they became solid again. There were loads of play in them before. If you grab some electrical tape and wrap the connectors past the bullets and onto the cables it'll help keep everything in place. Bikes...
  5. Rafe

    CB650R New cb650r owner (first bike) in London

    I can help out with this one. I have the Pragmasis 16mm protector (2m in length) with the Torc ground anchor which is resin fitted into the concrete floor. First up, it's a beast of a chain and I am very happy with it. My chain goes through behind the rear shock and I can 100% tell you that you...
  6. Rafe

    CB650R New member, new bike!

    Welcome to the forum. You'll pick up lots of useful information here.
  7. Rafe

    CB650R Should I change my brake fluid?

    YouTube is your friend ;)
  8. Rafe

    All 650Rs Akraprovic will it get in way of swing arm when bike lifted with ABBA stand?

    No issues with my Akra and the Abba stand.
  9. Rafe

    CB650R Ampthill Beds UK Blue Denim CB650R

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. Rafe

    All 650Rs Hello, from bewdley UK, just picked this up today

    Welcome to the forum. Oohhh you got the Repsol bike and it looks lovely. I think you're probably the first on here to own one.
  11. Rafe

    2019 cb650r key replacement

    The Honda HISS system works in conjunction with the key. If you get a blank key you can reprogram it to work with your bike with a bit of DIY cabling. Videos on YouTube.
  12. Rafe

    CBR650R Cbr 650r fairing issue

    Very common issue as there's a knack to getting it back on correctly. I answered a similar question here:
  13. Rafe

    Coronavirus Projects

    I love that peg board and cabinet storage you have there @Dankotaru. Very jealous.
  14. Rafe

    CBR650F Excited to be part of the club!

    Welcome to the forum. Looks like a lovely clean bike you got yourself there.
  15. Rafe

    CBR650R New Member

    Welcome to the forum @Johnnyarsenal. Judging by the name a gooner also? Hope so ;-) Give the step down from the blade, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the old adage of 'Better to ride a slower bike fast than a fast bike slow". Obviously you haven't had the bike long but once you get...
  16. Rafe

    CB650R Got my 2021 CB650R yesterday !! Only rode it a few kms so far....

    Welcome and congrats on the purchase. Have a search through the forum and no doubt you'll find some good information on screens for the CB650R.
  17. Rafe

    Aprilia RS660 is desirable :) (first ride review)

    Thanks for the feedback @Jerry - I enjoyed the read. I met a guy at a biker cafe last weekend who had just picked up his new rs660 and it did look great in the flesh.
  18. Rafe

    CBR650F New member from the UK

    Welcome to the forum. Plenty of very knowledgeable people here so you'll enjoy it.
  19. Rafe

    CB650R Put a deposit on this 2021 .....havent seen it or even sat on one. got a few basic questions

    I personally like the power delivery of my CBR650R over the MT07. If you're cruising at 40mph in 4th you won't get instant power when you whack the throttle wide open. Drop down to 2nd and keep the revs high then the power is there, and will keeping delivering until you hit the redline. As I...
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