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  1. LB2020

    All 650's Handlebar phone mounts and camera damage...

    So this is a bit of PSA for anyone that has recently upgraded to a newer iPhone (iPhone 11 or newer), or any new phone with sophisticated OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). I recently upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro and mounted the phone to my Tackform mount as usual for access to the GPS. After...
  2. LB2020

    Cost of first service in the states

    I will be taking my bike in for the first 600 mile service. I've quoted several places and they all come in at ~$250USD. From what I understand this includes oil change, chain service, and other general items. I'm a new rider and this is the first bike I've ever had serviced. Just wondering...
  3. LB2020

    All 650Rs 2019 CB650R Accessories on 2020 model

    So Honda does not list any OEM Accessories for the 2020 model of the CB650R ABS only for 2019. Everything I've seen states that the two models are basically identical. I am specifically looking to order the Quick shifter and the passenger seat cover. Just wondering if anyone has installed...
  4. LB2020

    CB650R Greetings! Noob from AZ

    New to riding and picked up the CB650R as my first bike. Was deciding between this and an MT-07....Decided to spend the extra coin and go for the Honda in red. It's just hard to say no to such a beautiful piece of machinery:)! Look forward to learning more about it in this forum.
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