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    Removing LAMS on 2017 CBR650F ABS

    I had my cb650r done by Dave and i cant fault it. No flat spot or any issues. I see a lot of people talking about 79hp and 84hp. My dyno results showed 92hp?? Im happy with the way my bike runs ...just need to ride it more 😁
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    All 650Rs A2 Derestriction for CB650R/CBR650R

    Oh forgot to mention the two brothers exhaust. Really sweet
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    All 650Rs A2 Derestriction for CB650R/CBR650R

    Hi all Took my cb650r to a bloke called Dave at dynobike( melbourne) he really knows his stuff. Had the trumpets fit,ecu flashed and aftermarket air filters. The bike is an absolute dream to ride now. More than enough power for what i need. The power is just above double the amount of the lams...
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