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  1. Jluu

    CB650R Akrapovic baffle removal.

    Mine was spot welded. Had to drill it out. I inserted a pipe into the baffle and pushed left, right, up and down to kind of work it looser (you'll see it slow shift its way out then whacked it out from the backside. (Had the can off the bike) The baffle has sort of a curved angle into the can...
  2. Jluu See link... See link above. Ordered from barracuda moto in Italy.
  3. Jluu

    Which ones? I used several...

    Which ones? I used several
  4. Jluu

    CB650R Flipping the handlebars?

    He's using the OE CBR650R clip one. Check out my bike, I used them for a while as well
  5. Jluu


  6. Jluu

    CB650R Bar end mirrors

    I've gone through 5 sets of mirrors including OEs since I've picked up the bike. Settled on the Rizoma Dynamic mirrors since I got a bunch of Rizoma bits on the bike. In my opinion... 1. If you want LOOKS, bar end mirrors make the bike look hot! But you can't see shit... This bike vibrates...
  7. Jluu

    CB650R Bar end mirrors

    If you get a clamp style to clamp over the Honda OEM bar ends you'd most likely still have that spinning issue at high speeds. If you're wanting to clamp on the bar, you'll have to move the controls inwards meaning you'll need to re-drill guide holes and remove the guide tabs on the controls...
  8. Jluu

    CB650R Bar end mirrors

    This is correct. You don't need the bar end from Sato when mounting a bar end mirrors style that is an inner bar mount style vs an outter clamp on style. Just make sure you use the bolt that is the same size and thread pitch for the Sato inner weight and that the head of the bolt is large enough...
  9. Jluu

    All 650Rs CBR650R & CB650R Exhausts

    Ask akra and you'll get the answer. The 11 is not made to meet ec and ece regulations and doesn't have the space to fit the cat. The 12, 13 & 14 are made to be ec and ece compliant which needs the cat and is to be bought separately. I have the 11 and the cat is not compatible with this unit.
  10. Jluu

    All 650Rs CBR650R & CB650R Exhausts

    See post #6 It only first the 12 and 13 variations. The 11 is the "race" model which wasn't designed to fit the cat.
  11. Jluu

    All 650Rs CBR650R & CB650R Exhausts

    The cat doesn't work with the S-H6R11-AFT system unfortunately
  12. Jluu

    CB650R Flipping the handlebars? These look similar
  13. Jluu

    CB650R Bar end mirrors

    I've gone and tried several of theses methods 1. Bar end mirrors with Honda adapter. Not a fan of it as the mirrors will spin and move out of place. The inner weights will rotate causing your mirrors to move. 2. I've also used the Sato weights which worked great but can be difficult to find. I...
  14. Jluu

    Comment by 'Jluu' in item 'Neo Cafe Racer'

    Lol yeah once you do one or two Rizoma parts you want many more. I was considering the motogadget mview blade bar end mirrors. Total with adapters equal to all of your Rizoma parts there.... I had bar end mirrors... Looks great but for actual looking wise they're not so great. Depending on...
  15. Jluu

    Comment by 'Jluu' in item 'Neo Cafe Racer'

    No weights at all. The inner diameter of the drag bars are way to small to fit original or sato weights. There's still some vibration but barely noticable and not bothersome to me at all.
  16. Jluu

    Comment by 'Jluu' in media 'IMG_20200403_164239304_HDR~2.jpg'

    The OEM clip ons have guide tabs that protrude out that should line up with the top plate for the CBR650R. They prevent it from having various angles unless it's ground/cut off. There was only two usable positions unless you slide it down lower.
  17. Jluu

    CBR650R Woodcraft Clip-On Install & Review

    You want the 7/8" 22mm
  18. Jluu

    Picked this up this weekend

    I want!!
  19. Jluu

    All 650's PAIR VALVE REMOVAL (improved version)

    This is exactly what I've done with mine and it is working perfectly. No error codes. Rides better and no more popping noises from exhaust when throttling off. I capped the hose end as well so no air into either ports.
  20. Jluu

    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    If you have a sturdy hook style pick you can use that. It's what I used for my Akra exhaust.
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