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    All 650's Tipping up the tank

    I have a quad lock charger that I've installed on my CB650. I've done this by running the wire down the side of the bike. I'd prefer to run it along the loom along with the rest of the cables to prevent unintended chafing etc. I'm using the heated grip manual to figure out the best route. In...
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    All 650Rs Under seat wiring layout

    I'm attempting to install the accessory socket on my CB650R but I'm not convinced the previous owner hasn't shunted the wiring around as it seems to be a mess. Has anyone got any photos of how it's meant to look? Heres mine below. I think the cable with the blue arrow is in the wrong place? It...
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    MY2019 Vs MY2021 Accessory Socket / USB-C

    Hello, I have a 2019MY CB650. I was contemplating ordering the accessory socket when I noticed the new 2021 model year is available with a USB-C power supply instead of the cigarette lighter type. This is more desirable for me as my phone already uses USB C. Looking at the parts diagram, it...
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    All 650's Over-wintering?

    Hello, now autumn is here I'm thinking about what to do with my cb650 in preparation for winter. I still plan to ride it occasionally, although obviously less frequently than in the summer. Some questions then: Winter protection - I've heard about ACF50. Is this the best stuff to use for...
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    All 650's Discoloured Head

    Having just cleaned the chain I noticed the head is faded / discoloured. It was definitely fine when I got it, however I did add some muc-off motorbike protector recently. Has this reacted with the heat? Can it be undone? Has it happened for another reason?
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    All 650's First Service vs Annual?

    My bike is a Feb 2019. I can see it received it's first service in Sept 2019 at 300 miles. I bought it a few weeks ago with ~700 miles. Thinking about the annual service and the fact the first service was done at only 300, do you think it's safe enough to ride for the summer and just service it...
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    Completed Stock rear fender / mudguard

    I am looking to switch out my R&G tail tidy for an original fender / mudguard to help with driving in the rain. Unfortunately the bike came with the R&G model already fitted! Does anyone have one they'd be willing to sell on?
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    CB650R Reverse tail tidy

    Hi, new CB650R owner here. It came with the R&G tail tidy which looks nice but after a ride in some light rain, it needs to go! I've had a look and it appears the stock indicators have been re-used. Does anyone know if the original tail can be ordered as one part or will I need multiple bits?
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    CB650R Potential owner - Under Cowl? [Bike Purchased!]

    Hi All. I've just recently obtained my licence and I've pretty much settled on a CB650R, pending a test ride. My lessons were on a FZS600 fazer which seems comparable in terms of output, so I'm hopeful the switch will be relatively easy (granted I still have a lot of learning to do once set...
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