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  1. sdmichael

    If you're one of these...

    If you're a rider that buzzes, cuts off, passes too closely, or is otherwise a jackass to other riders, FU. I don't care what you ride or how cool you think you are, FU. I also don't care if you "wave" or "flash a peace sign" after doing it, FU. If this offends you, perhaps consider how you...
  2. sdmichael

    Black CBR650F in San Diego?

    I saw a black CBR650F in the North Park area of San Diego today parked on a residential street. Anyone from here? Bike looked in decent shape and was all black, not a shiny black though.
  3. sdmichael

    Odd experience today

    I went for a long ride today which was a lot of fun. What wasn't fun was having the bike stall at speed many miles from services. After pulling the bike to the shoulder and shutting it off, I took a look to see if there were any issues. Not seeing or hearing any, I tried to restart the engine...
  4. sdmichael

    CBR650F seat latch issues

    After reading other posts, my problem is likely the spring. Getting to the latch is a problem, however. The bolts with the round tops and what looks like a allen wrench fit don't. What sort of tool and what size do I need to remove those? They are the ones on the bar the latch bolts to.
  5. sdmichael

    Speed and smoothness

    Today I rode from San Diego, CA to Bakersfield, CA to visit a friend. I took a more inland route bypassing most of the Los Angeles area. My route took me across the Mojave Desert. Parts of the route were quite empty and had good roads. Well... Wanted to see how fast I could go. Found out I could...
  6. sdmichael

    First big ride

    Wasn't sure where to put this. I went on my first big ride on the new bike, directly following its first maintenance checkup (600 miles but at 530). Rode about 410 miles over the weekend, all over southern California from San Diego to San Bernardino to LA to Corona to San Diego. Lots of fun...
  7. sdmichael

    Suggestions for new foot pegs

    Only a couple of weeks in and I'm considering a change for the bike. I have noticed that I bump my foot pegs when walking my bike. Any suggestions for new pegs? I have a 2018 CBR650F.
  8. sdmichael

    Average range on a CBR

    I'm still getting used to this bike. What is the average range you're getting on the CBR650F?
  9. sdmichael

    CBR650F Hello from San Diego, CA

    Yesterday was a very unusual day for me. Yesterday, I had two motorcycles. A 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 500R and a 2014 Kawasaki KLR 650. I had planned to look around for a new motorcycle to replace my other two. I didn't expect to go to a dealer and leave with a brand new bike. Certainly not what I...
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