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  1. victorkkq

    All 650's My first knee down.. what an amazing feeling.. (include how to tutorial by MCN)

    What an amazing feeling.. after 2 years of trying.. Feels like a hero.. Very addictive.. Now part of my motorcycle journey is achieved.. Not an expert here cause I only managed to get my left knee down a few times (still trying right knee).. If you are interested here is "How to get your knee...
  2. victorkkq

    Aprilia RS660 is desirable :) (first ride review)

    So sexy..
  3. victorkkq

    CBR650F LED Blinker - OE Honda Vario for my CBR650F

    Guys, just wanna share if you want to change your winker to LED but not into Chinese knockoffs, you can consider the OE Honda Vario. It looks exactly like the CBR650R but cost a third (not sure if it is available in your country).
  4. victorkkq

    All 650's Tyre switching from 180/55 (stock) to 180/60 (taller profile) improve agility?

    Hi guys, will my bike be more agile (quicker turn-in) and handling improves by having a taller profile tyre? Here are some burning questions 1. Will i feel the difference? marginally or significantly? 2. larger contact patch (leaning), better grip? 3. less stability at speed in a straight line...
  5. victorkkq

    CBR650F Weight Reduction Obsession - CBR650F

    Hi guys, I am always obsessed with cutting the weight of my bike to improve handling. Am I alone on this obsession? Stock bike wet weight is 213 kg stock (CBR650F 2018 non ABS) Total weight reduction done so far is 11.1 kg - Akrapovic full system 4.6 kg - Tools removed 2 kg (est) - Lithium...
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