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  1. miweber929

    CBR650R Handguards for Cbr 650 R 2019...wanted!

    He's got a CBR, not a CB. They won't hit anything on a CB but can hit the bodywork on a CBR.
  2. miweber929

    CBR650R Handguards for Cbr 650 R 2019...wanted!

    By the CBR's design you are going to struggle to find something to fit and still clear the bodywork when you turn the bars from lock to lock. Maybe try something attached to the fairing to block more wind? A few years a go I saw a post on the TriumphRat forum where someone taped some cardboard...
  3. miweber929

    CBR650R USB Charger for CBR 650R / CB 650 R (Heated grip or back accessory)

    Tech specs are in this thread. It’s long but has all the info you’ll need:
  4. miweber929

    CBR650R Handguards for Cbr 650 R 2019...wanted!

    I would look at something like these that mount on one side. You’ll have to remove the inner bar wright but these should slide right in: Acerbis makes similar units, as do several others. I had a set of the bark busters I linked on something, maybe a KLR...
  5. miweber929

    CBR650F Hi all!

    Nice!!! Any pics?
  6. miweber929

    CB650F Hello!

    Welcome!!! Love the tri-color scheme :)
  7. miweber929

    CB650R Flipping the handlebars?

    As stated above, either grind off the pegs or drill holes. The controls have only been staked probably the last 10 years or so and were just held by friction dir the 40 years prior, so it’s not all that crazy to think they'll stay on their own.
  8. miweber929

    Completed Race torx gear shaft support bearing

    I updated your ad to show sold, if you want to sell the puck just make a new thread.
  9. miweber929

    CB650R Newbie from Scotland

    I have, yes. My Ducati is the first bike I’ve owned with a quickshifter, though I’ve ridden several with them before. I don’t see it as the “game changer” that many do, and that might be because I don’t ride aggressively every time I jump on the bike. To me a quickshifter is useful when you’re...
  10. miweber929

    All 650's What torque wrench to get?

    As @Brammers said your difficulty will be finding a 3/8” torque wrench with that high of a setting, and if you do it will probably not go very low so will be kind of a limited use device. That’s why I suggest you plan for 2 or 3 wrenches, not just because of the size drive, there are adaptors...
  11. miweber929

    CBR650F Respray... So it begins

    I think that’s because deep down everyone knows a Honda should be red, even Honda ;)
  12. miweber929

    All 650's What torque wrench to get?

    Interesting. As I said, my dad handled all mechanical calibrations for a major manufacturer for over 20 years, and spent a lot of time talking to companies such as SK, MAC, Snap On, etc. about how to properly care for their products and keep them calibrated the longest. I go by his...
  13. miweber929

    CB650F TST industries fender eliminater

    TST is decent stuff, and the owner of the company is a good guy. If you’re buying directly from him, I think you’d be just fine.
  14. miweber929

    CB650F 2018 cb650f abs prepurchase (anything i need to know)

    Most likely no. The toolkits of yesteryear that used to be included are gone and replaced by a bag, helmet holder cord and maybe a fuse puller if your lucky. They can be purchased separately, however.
  15. miweber929

    CB650F New owner!! So excited

    Something like this would work great for that purpose...
  16. miweber929

    CB650F New owner!! So excited

    Congrats!!! Any standard, medium or sportbike sized cover will work great on your bike. I’ve used everything from cheap Walmart generic covers to fairly expensive custom covers (my Ducati had a specially for the SS, made by Ducati cover) and they all work fine for what they need to do. The one...
  17. miweber929

    All 650's What torque wrench to get?

    Some facts that go into a torque wrench, my dad was the head of mechanical calibration for a major welder manufacturer for 20+ years and tested and calibrated things like gauges and torque wrenches: - You'll never find one torque wrench that will cover all the bolts and fasteners on a...
  18. miweber929

    CBR650R HERE I AM!

    Hello, greetings and welcome!!!!
  19. miweber929

    CB650F 2018 cb650f abs prepurchase (anything i need to know)

    Then I’d say you’ll be in great shape with this bike.
  20. miweber929

    CB650F 2018 cb650f abs prepurchase (anything i need to know)

    Guess I’m going to go against everyone else here: I am 6’3”, 240lbs and my wife is 5’5” and around 150lbs or so and toured all over the place on our ‘14 CBR650F, most of its life it was used as a two up machine. We have since moved on to an even better two up bike to do longer duration trips on...
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