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  1. Doohanisthegoat

    The saga continues...

    This is a subject that requires a long and arduous conversation wherein I prove Doohan to be the actual GOAT using slides and other multimedia content. Have your joke. It's obviously shite anyhoo. 😏
  2. Doohanisthegoat

    Selling Scorpion full exhaust

    I'm looking for an akrapovic, care to let me know where you got yours?
  3. Doohanisthegoat

    All 650Fs Exhaustion.

    What are my options for a full exhaust system for the cbr650f?
  4. Doohanisthegoat

    The saga continues...

    I live in Scotland. Cold and rainy is the default weather.
  5. Doohanisthegoat

    The saga continues...

    I have to respectfully disagree with your opinion. Mostly because it's wrong. 😉
  6. Doohanisthegoat

    The saga continues...

    My DAS (second attempt) part two was set to be on the 26th of March and on the 23rd Our Spurious Leader the Right (wing) (dis)Honourable Boris Dewifflewaffle Johnson announced that because of the covid virus everyone had to stay home and protect the NHS. So there I am. Stuck in limbo. My new...
  7. Doohanisthegoat

    CB650R Evotech Performance Tail Tidy

    Have someone you know in the UK send it to you?
  8. Doohanisthegoat

    CB650R Evotech Performance Tail Tidy

    Surely it's better than the Transformer's strap-on that comes as standard.
  9. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F Modifications needed?

    So does that mean I need to buy a new seat too?
  10. Doohanisthegoat

    coronavirus precautions

    I'm using a Fast Bikes summer neck warmer as a way to keep the germs away. It's probably about as efficient as a hankie is at filtering industrial sewage.
  11. Doohanisthegoat

    coronavirus precautions

    To do my one daily exercise routine I would have to increase my current routine by precisely 1.
  12. Doohanisthegoat

    Burning virtual petrol, scrubbing rubber pixels.

    What with all this Covid 19 bollocks going on and several countries in lock-down it seems that a lot of you people will be stuck in the house bored off your noggins. So as a keen gamer I'd like to ask if any of you were interested in having a wee race on PlayStation. My Ps4 id is...
  13. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F Modifications needed?

    So this is the one I need?
  14. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F Modifications needed?

    Thanks Rafe. Is this one the same? Remove pillion seat and attach with little to no fuss? Would you happen to have an idea on which one is best... Sorry for being an arse. My dad dropped me when I was a kid. Is
  15. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F Modifications needed?

    I have a cbr650f and want to put a single seat conversion on and just want to know if I fit this fits over the existing seat of my bike. I'm unable to see if the seat is in two parts as I'm in self isolation at the moment and my bike is currently 40 miles away at the dealers. Any help is much...
  16. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F What's reasonable.

    How much, minimum, should I be looking to pay for a tail tidy and radiator cover for a cbr650f abs? How much would these cost roughly each? The prices I'm finding differ wildly and I'm just trying to get a ball park number.
  17. Doohanisthegoat

    Customising... Or as my wife calls it, dressing up my Barbie... Has begun. Off of the list of...

    Customising... Or as my wife calls it, dressing up my Barbie... Has begun. Off of the list of things that I want done is Clearcoat for the fairings, R&G crash bungs and replacement bolts for the pillion pegs. Next on the list is the Akrapovic zorst to raise the DB's and then the seat cowl.
  18. Doohanisthegoat

    CB650F I'm on the way...

    That's why I was so pissed off, wasn't holding anyone up and not a single vehicle passed me on a five mile stretch of road. I'll probably get the same examiner or his dad. There's only those two examiners at the test centre.
  19. Doohanisthegoat

    Comment by 'Doohanisthegoat' in item 'My new ride.'

    It was the red frame that sold it to me. Cheers.
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