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  1. Doohanisthegoat

    All 650Fs Exhaustion.

    What are my options for a full exhaust system for the cbr650f?
  2. Doohanisthegoat

    The saga continues...

    My DAS (second attempt) part two was set to be on the 26th of March and on the 23rd Our Spurious Leader the Right (wing) (dis)Honourable Boris Dewifflewaffle Johnson announced that because of the covid virus everyone had to stay home and protect the NHS. So there I am. Stuck in limbo. My new...
  3. Doohanisthegoat

    Burning virtual petrol, scrubbing rubber pixels.

    What with all this Covid 19 bollocks going on and several countries in lock-down it seems that a lot of you people will be stuck in the house bored off your noggins. So as a keen gamer I'd like to ask if any of you were interested in having a wee race on PlayStation. My Ps4 id is...
  4. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F Modifications needed?

    I have a cbr650f and want to put a single seat conversion on and just want to know if I fit this fits over the existing seat of my bike. I'm unable to see if the seat is in two parts as I'm in self isolation at the moment and my bike is currently 40 miles away at the dealers. Any help is much...
  5. Doohanisthegoat

    CBR650F What's reasonable.

    How much, minimum, should I be looking to pay for a tail tidy and radiator cover for a cbr650f abs? How much would these cost roughly each? The prices I'm finding differ wildly and I'm just trying to get a ball park number.
  6. Doohanisthegoat

    Is there any advantage to joining the HOC?

    I'm looking into insurance for my new bike and was wondering if there is any advantage to joining the Honda owners club. I'm looking at Mckenzie and hodgepodge and they have the "are you a member of any motorcycle groups" question. Does being a member of the HOC bring the quote down enough to...
  7. Doohanisthegoat

    CB650F I'm on the way...

    Put a deposit on a cbr650f yesterday and found this forum last night. Doing my DAS on the 26th of this month. Been riding on and off since I was 18 and have owned more than half a dozen 125's that I put in 15thou on each. I'm Edinburgh, Scotland based. 48.
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