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  1. godoy.rafa

    All 650Fs High and low beam wired together?

    Hi guys, do you know if it's safe to wire low and high beam to light up together when turning on high beam? I do a lot of night riding, and using only high or only low beam is not so good... If it's safe to do that, do you know how?
  2. godoy.rafa

    Stuck fairing screw! How to remove it?

    Im trying to remove my fairing to replace the air filter, but one of the screws (below left clip on) is stuck and I can't remove it... It's getting worn out, so the allen tool cant grip it anymore... Do you now how can I remove it? Any special techiques?
  3. godoy.rafa

    80, 90 and 100w bulbs?

    Has anyone tried a more powerful H4 bulb? I saw a Bosch 90/100w bulb that I wanted to try. Coult it damage the electrical system?
  4. godoy.rafa

    All 650's Pulling slow in low rpm after start

    So when I start riding, only minutes after starting the bike, I feel it pulls very slowly in low rpms. When the revs increase, it pulls hard again. After a while, it pulls hard in low rpms again. Is this normal to this bike? Maybe it needs to warm up?
  5. godoy.rafa

    CBR650F Bent clip on, can I fix it?

    My bike fell and the right side clip on is slightly bent. Can I "unbent" it maybe using a pipe? Or shoult I just get a new one?
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