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  1. fogducker

    All 650's 190 Size Rear Tires

    has anyone tried to fit 190 tires? I know about all the geometrically negative consequences but, just wondering if anyone can add his/her own experience. Cheers Sam
  2. fogducker

    All 650's Any Recommendation on Seat External Pads?

    My butt complains a lot. Cheers
  3. fogducker

    All 650's What is the best practice to ADD coolant?

    So I just realized coolant reservoir/expansion tank is dryer than a COVID-19 cough! I have no leakage as far as I could check. How should I bleed air out and add more coolant to the system? What I have in mind: - Top it up from Rad Cap, Shake/move the bike side to side to burp, and let it run...
  4. fogducker

    All 650's Tire Tread

    Does anyone know why front tires use "^" shape pattern/tread but rear tires use "v" (rear view) and vise versa? Same physic rules apply on both, right!?
  5. fogducker

    All 650's Rear ABS kicks in pretty easily

    Hey Folks, I press rear brake at 20 km and ABS kicks in milliseconds without any hesitation. Stopping power is also rubbish. I have cleaned the disks but not the pads, and not sure if they are contaminated. My brake caliper is not fully tight and it has a little bit of play?! All the bolts seem...
  6. fogducker

    All 650's Anti-Fog Solutions

    Knowing Pinlock is the ultimate solution, I just cant cope with the double vision at night or gloomy days. Have tried dish soap, Gillette and Rainex > mehhhhh. Please share what has worked for you (meaning it would last for couple of hours after each application) I am not looking for a miracle...
  7. fogducker

    All 650's My bike became a monster!

    Hey folks, So I have been on and off cruising/commuting to work on my bike whenever I could find the slightest chance in the cold weather of Toronto. Today was a bit warmer, so I properly geared up and hit the roads. This is when I realized my bike feels completely different comparing to last...
  8. fogducker


    Hi Gents, I have scavenged the forum to find a decent explanation on how to properly block the Air Supply Hose that feeds the PAIR system without going through all the hassles of removing the solenoid and installing plates on the reeds and etc. and I had no luck! What I've found form visiting...
  9. fogducker

    Gear Leather, Perforated Leather or Mesh Jackets? (not into textile)

    Was looking to buy a leather Jacket. I am worried about those super hot and humid days in Toronto. They also weight quite a lot! its an open question. Please share your thoughts.
  10. fogducker

    Humanity is not dead!

    Responsible citizens are still around. Printed and placed on my bike’s seat
  11. fogducker

    All 650's Why Changing Levers?

    looks aside, what justifies the hassle, risk and cost involved in changing Brake and Clutch levers? Why some come with adapters and some don't? Does it need to be changed by a professional or I can do it myself? Cheers Sam
  12. fogducker

    CB650F Rear Wheel does not spin freely in neutral!?

    Hi to my lovely fellows! I noticed the issue when I jacked up the bike to clean up my chain. The back wheel has some "friction/rubbing" spots (every 120 degrees) and it does not roll smoothly in neutral. I keep it in an enclosed underground parking with overhead heating pipes but the chain and...
  13. fogducker

    All 650's What mods do you have in mind for the next riding season and why?

    and what is already changed on your bike (any justifications?). How did it help? Cheers
  14. fogducker

    CB650F Akra BuZZing Noise

    Hey folks, This buzz/rattle noise is pulling my nerves these days. Do you have any Idea what it is? ( I have recorded a flyby - You can clearly hear the noise) Share your thoughts - PAIR valves? Exhaust leak?(checked - seems fine) Akra's design?.... Cheers
  15. fogducker

    A great hobby for bike/car enthusiasts

    Hey folks, I have been doing scale modeling for over 4 years now. Just wanted to share some of my recent projects. I love painting, crafting and obviously motorsports. Scale modeling covers all three aspects:). Each project takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete depending on the details.
  16. fogducker

    How many km/miles do you put on your clock every year?

    Just wondering.... I have put 6k this year by just riding in the city!!!! Kinda embarrassed by it!
  17. fogducker

    Handlebar twist

    Halo folks, Do you recommend twisting the handle bar and adjusting the grips to gain a little more upright position? As far as I can tell, if I twist it towards myslef, everything would be sitting 2-3 cm closer. Then I have to twist grips and accessories back to their default position. Is it as...
  18. fogducker

    CB650F OBD2 Scanner

    Halo, Does anyone know if there is any compatible OBD2 scanner out there for our bikes?
  19. fogducker

    CB650F How does gas octane correlate with running lean or rich

    Hey folk (specially veterans), I am not even sure if I have chosen a right title but so many questions are running around in my mind which I have not found any clear answer for. All of my questions are basically the same (at least to me!) but wanted to know if they make sense at all. 1. lets...
  20. fogducker


    Halo, What do you guys think about drilling few holes on the exhaust tank to (just) gain a better sound. Has anyone ever tried? any ideas about performance issues or damage to the engine? I'm also concern about voiding the warranty. It sounds amazing while saving $1500+ CAD.
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