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  1. kingn8dogg

    CB650R 93 gas?

    In simplfied terms, think of the octane rating as rating how much pressure/heat it takes to ignite the fuel. The higher the number, the more it takes to ignite the fuel. Yes, that's right, lower is actually easier to ignite. So why is higher octane associated with more power? Because the...
  2. kingn8dogg

    CBR650F greetings

    I just want to say thanks to everyone who contributes to the discussions in this group. You really helped me make an informed decision about the bike I ended up with.
  3. kingn8dogg

    CBR650F greetings

    Hello, I've been a year round commuter for almost 10 years but it was always short distances and on supermoto and enduro thumpers. Then, all the sudden a friend decided to get his endorsement and start inviting me on long highway rides. I did my research, this group included, and picked up a...
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