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    CB650F Jerking when adding or slowing the throttle

    I had the same problem when I first rode my CB650F - on advice from here I adjusted my free throttle play to about 4mm, that and a little getting used to the immediate response changed the whole feel of the bike.
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    Gear What helmet(s) do you wear?

    Notts County!!!!!
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    All 650's How can you visually tell a bike is restricted/limited?

    After having my second hand new toy for nearly a month and not yet wanting to ride at 140-150 mph how can I visually tell my bike isn't a restricted model (I was verbally told it's not when I bought it), also does this mean that if a bike was stopped by police they would struggle to confirm that...
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    Sunday Morning

    I wish I still had my 76 400/4
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    Sunday Morning

    Oh my, sun shining, a little chilly but dry. Almost perfect biking weather, god how I missed that. An hour out this morning with no particular place to go, i wasn't even upset with the Sunday drivers. Just thought I would let everyone know how good life is at 60
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    All 650Fs 2014 Service Manual

    Thanks so much it helps understand better its layout, Jeez reading it made me appreciate how much went into its development, certainly won't be playing around with the electrics
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    Rain and ABS

    Thanks great information, I'm still getting used to the bike and as you say the ABS isn't hyper-sophisticated but works. I'll think I'll just get on riding and quit worrying about it.
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    Comment by 'Young Mark' in item 'Mon jouet'

    Can you tell me where you got your windshield from? Thanks Mark
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    CB650R Mid Bike Crisis

    Welcome back, I have a similar story. Passed my test at 18, several bikes later I realised I had a company car and more pressing commitments (wife, mortgage etc) so hung up my helmet and gloves at 29. Missed 2 wheels so much and found I continued to hanker after every bike that passed me but...
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    All 650Rs Hello from Ireland … 👋

    About 6mm, like you I took it down to 3mm and its much more manageable
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    All 650Rs Hello from Ireland … 👋

    Rafe Throttle sorted Thanks
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    All 650Rs Hello from Ireland … 👋

    Rafe Thanks, I saw that in one of the forums on here a yesterday, I checked the freeplay and adjusted it to about 3-4mm, not done any riding since. I'll let you know if it improves.
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    All 650Rs Hello from Ireland … 👋

    Welcome, very nice colour scheme, like you I got back on 2 wheels (2017 cb650F) last week after a long break (20 + years), I was super nervous and very rusty too. Have since spent evenings down the local trading estate getting the feel back. How are you getting on with throttle response? mine...
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    Comment by 'Young Mark' in item 'New soft panniers.'

    Thanks - they look great, I’ll put them on my Xmas list. Like yours my wife isn’t interested in getting on, that may be why I got it,
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    Rain and ABS

    thanks I’ll treat the front with the respect it deserves
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