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    Buying Akrapovic System (IN, USA)

    They are fairly easy to find the model number is S-H6R11-AFT look for that.
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    Expired Sena 10S with extra mount Maryland, USA

    I have for sale one Sena 10S set up with an extra helmet mount. $200 for the complete kit plus the extra mount $150 for the single 10s set up. $50 for the extra mount kit. Shipping will be paid for by the buyer if necessary.
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    CB650F ECU remap

    I installed an Akrapovic full system last summer. I waited until the 16000-mile service to have the power commander FC and air filter installed. During the prior year, I never experienced any popping or backfiring. My ultimate plan is to block the PCV and have a dyno tune performed. I have not...
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    Completed Bagster seat

    I have a deal working pending funds. So as of now it's not for sale. If that should happen to change I will message you with that information.
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    Completed Bagster seat

    2014 through 2019 because 650f is embroidered on the seat pillion. I bought it a year ago. It's in like new condition. I'll post pictures of the actual seat in the morning. I am located in Southern Maryland.
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    Completed Bagster seat

    I am selling my Bagster 650F seat. $200.00 plus shipping.
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    CBR650F seat latch issues

    It's not a torx it's a hw4 or hw5.
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    Cbr650r oem exhaust

    If you were in the States I'd give my old one for free.
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    2018 CBR650F Exhaust for $360 too good to be true???

    Hey you can get the Akrapovic on eBay for $44 a month for 24 months interest free if you use PayPal Credit. You just have to pay it off in that 24 months period or they add the compiling interest you are not paying as a penalty...
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    Center lift stand

    Any of you looking for a center lift stand in the US need to jump on this. I was gifted one for Christmas. It works great! ConStands Power - Motorcycle Center Lift Stand for Honda CB 650 F 14-18
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    ConStands Power lift

    Anyone have a ConStands Power lift? I have a install question.
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    All 650's Bagster seat?
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    CBR650F Seat stuck on

    I was able to access the seat lock from one of the bolt holes for the stock rear fender. It took a 90 degree pick and some luck but some how I got the cable back on. I knew it was off because their was no tension when I turned the key. Once the cable was in placed it unlocked as it normally did...
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    CBR650F Seat stuck on

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