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    All 650Rs CBR650R & CB650R Exhausts

    12/13/14 models are made to be emissions compliant with use of optional catalytic converter whereas the 11 is not street legal
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    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    Haven't ridden with it on yet. I don't suspect it'll pose any issues with cooling. Got it mainly for asthetics. My concern is durability and life longevity. Fear is that it'll rust.
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    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    C$ 62.40 | for HONDA CB 650 F / R 2021 Radiator Guard Grill Cover Protector CB650F CB650R CB650 CBR650F CBR650R CBR 650
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    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    Installed AliExpress rad protector...
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    All 650Rs Rizoma Bars

    Rizoma Drag bars inner diameter is tiny! You won't be able to fit any weights (including sato racing) in them. I didn't cut mine down but had to drill guide holes for the controls.
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    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    None whatsoever for all options. I had to adjust the banjo angle on the master cylinder for the brake but that's it.
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    All 650's Intro to Dyno Tuning

    I ordered a K&N filter last summer and the quality was terrible. They're supposed to be one of the most reputable and quality filter manufacturers but I was not impressed. I returned it and kept the stock filter. The performance gains would be negligible for my purposes street riding...
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    All 650's What did you do with your 650 today?

    Installed new handlebars today. Was considering the Rizoma Race Retro bars but chose these instead. I think I have some issues - this is my 4th set of bars including OE handlebar. 1. Original bars 2. CBR650R OE clip-ons 3. Rizoma Drag bars 4. Daytona Can't wait until Spring gets here to see...
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    All 650Fs Akrapovic baffle search

    Found this on AliExpress if anyone else is interested. Think I'll try it for my S-H6R11-AFT but probably will need some modifications to fit.
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    CB650F Fuel Controller needed or not???

    Like miweber929 says, akra designed to run without. If you want a PCV and the best performance get a custom map done. See this thread:
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    CBR650F Hello All! I need your advice, please

    Here's two images of rider positions between CB650F/R and CBR650F/R You can see the CBR version has more forward lean. If you're not comfortable with that, then the CB might be more for you.
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    CBR650F Hello All! I need your advice, please

    Are you holding onto the brake lever while you're turning the bars at a standstill? That is the main reason many riders are dropping their bikes while stopping or parking. Don't grab and hold onto the front brake. You start to panic and grab the brake, the bike is now not going to roll forward...
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    Gear What helmet(s) do you wear?

    If the crown of your head is comfortable that's the most important. Hot spots around your head are more difficult to deal with and will need to try various brands and models. With your face and jaw, the cheek pads may break in after a while. If not you can always order thinner replacements...
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    Show Off Your Keychain!!!

    Correct, Etsy. Was pricey but well made.
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    All 650Rs CBR650R & CB650R Exhausts

    Just for your comparison, my Akra exhaust pipes after 1 year, 4,500km.
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