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    CB650F New plastics?

    Anyone have a good place to buy new plastics? Need a new left front shroud for my 2018 cb650f. Canadian colour, gray/silver and black. I put the first hole in the wrong spot when installing a USB😬 Specifically this part 64440-MJE-DF0 I think
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    All 650's Accessories plug

    Well now that I've figured out the connections, I need a good place to mount a Blue Sea 1039/1045 USB outlet. Any ideas? Pictures?
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    CBR650R Hello from BC Canada

    Hello from Abbotsford
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    Luggage SW Motech US

    I ended up getting the older style " Alu Rack" from twisted throttle. It was about $30 cheaper and in stock. Installed in a few minutes, just had to move the tail tidy out if the way to access the rear bolts. I like how it looks ( as long as no top box) It is tight with the tail lights but...
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    All 650's Corbin Seat?

    Does anyone have a Corbin seat? Thinking it might solve some blood flow issues when riding longer. I searched but only seems one person has the Corbin and they got it second hand.
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    Which one of you did I park beside at Carter Motorsports service centre in Vancouver today?
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    CBR650R New CBR650R

    Hey neighbour!
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    New handlebars installed on 2018 CB650F

    Thanks, yea I just want to change the angle of the levers to fix my wrist angle, make it more comfy for tall rider.
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    New handlebars installed on 2018 CB650F

    Are these holes for positioning the controls? Do I need to grind anything to rotate the levers downward? Think I want them more angled because I'm tall
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    Luggage SW Motech US

    Apparently this has been replaced by the "street rack", looking again it I'm pretty sure I would need to get different indicator taillights or put the oem fender back
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    All 650's Accessories plug

    Ah, I saw that 8 pin connector but didn't think it was for the accessories, I ordered a pack of connectors but it didn't have an 8pin. Bummer. Was hoping there was another 4 pin tucked away under the seat so I could wire up a USB for pillion heated vest. The installation instructions for the...
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    All 650's Accessories plug

    Can someone confirm, there is the 4 pin DLC (red) connector and also the 4pin 12v accessories connector under the seat? And the also a 2pin by the left fairing/headlight ?
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    CBR650R USB Charger for CBR 650R / CB 650 R (Heated grip or back accessory)

    Any idea if this is the same needed for the CB650F?
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    CBR650F Slipper clutch

    Do you ride really aggressively or something how did the clutch burn out in like 1 or 2 years?
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    Luggage SW Motech US

    Does anyone have the sw motech Alu rack? GPT.01.529.15000/B On cb650f? Does it fit with a tail tidy?
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